Guptas questions #EskomInquiry credibility in lawyer's letter

Ajay and Atul Gupta File picture: Independent Media

Ajay and Atul Gupta File picture: Independent Media

Published Mar 13, 2018


JOHANNESBURG - Lawyers of the Gupta family have questioned the credibility of Parliament's Eskom Inquiry in the form of a letter, replying to the Inquiry's invitation to the family to testify. 

The letter reads, according to Fin24, "As it happens, our clients are not present in the Republic of South Africa, being absent for business reasons. Accordingly, our clients decline the invitation to appear before the portfolio committee."

The legal representatives of the Guptas said in the letter that the inquiry was a form of political show-boating and that the inquiry set a tone of unfair questioning towards witnesses. 

The letter further stated, according to Fin24, "The proceedings are to a large extent an exercise in political showboating by parliamentarians intent either on making political speeches, insulting witnesses or otherwise questioning witnesses in a manner which is not conducive to the resolution of identified or identifiable issues. Witnesses are subjected to unfair questioning in relation to issues which are totally irrelevant to the oversight inquiry. The witnesses are confronted with allegations which amount to nothing but conjecture, speculation and biased conclusions without any underlying evidence… Witnesses are humiliated and belittled at the will of politicians."

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Meanwhile, the Home Affairs Minister, Malusi Gigaba came before the Public Enterprises committee on State capture on Tuesday.  Gigaba started his testimony with the basic fact that he will try to be as honest as possible to account for his time as the Public Enterprises Minister, between 2010 and 2014.

"I take the allegations into state capture seriously", said Gigaba as he began his written testimony. 

The minister said that "it has been disheartening and shocking to note that some of the appointments that were made during his tenure and that were hailed at the time have now become the subject of state capture allegations."

In terms of board appointments at State-owned Enterprises (SOEs), Gigaba said that " the department will recommend candidates to fill these positions". It should note that names are sourced widely and eventually cabinet approves all board appointments.

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It, therefore, should be said that the minister of public enterprises doesn't have a role in procurement, according to Gigaba. The minister essentially is kept at arm's length throughout the process.


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