Married couple starts bed cleaning business after children suffered from allergies

Tracy and Charlie Wright with their children. Image: Supplied.

Tracy and Charlie Wright with their children. Image: Supplied.

Published Feb 18, 2024


A husband and wife duo came together to combine their expertise earned in the hospitality, customer service, and healthcare sectors to come up with a solution to help ease their children’s allergies.

Tracy and Charlie Wright told Business Report that the torment of dust mites and allergens lurking in mattresses has remained a silent threat for far too long.

They dedicated hundreds of hours to find a safe, chemical-free solution for their children's long-suffering dust mite allergy management at home.

Their research paid off, and they realised it was possible to bring a dry, safe, chemical-free, and medical-grade sanitisation solution into their home and launch a business.

This was how their business, ‘CleanMyBed; was born in 2020.

CleanMyBed can be used in hospitality, residential, and medical environments.

The business has since expanded into multiple locations within South Africa and the United Kingdom under a franchise model, creating jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.

"Dust mite allergens are the world's second leading cause of allergies, just behind pollen, and a major trigger for asthma attacks. The average used mattress can house between 100 000 to 10 million of these unwelcome guests, with approximately 60% of the dust mite population in your home residing in your bed. These microscopic inhabitants can interfere with sleep quality, exacerbate allergies, and even hinder emotional wellbeing. A suboptimal sleep environment isn’t merely an inconvenience; it poses a tangible risk to your health and day-to-day performance,“ Charlie told Business Report.

“CleanMyBed is on a mission to educate the public about the unseen threats in their mattresses. They are committed to providing a comprehensive solution that sets a new standard for mattress cleaning, ensuring that you, your family, and your guests enjoy a rejuvenated and allergen-free rest,” Tracy further added.

The pair said that for years, the common belief was that vacuuming and steam cleaning were the most effective ways to maintain mattress hygiene.

“A deeper truth emerges — these methods may not only be outdated but could potentially exacerbate the issue. Vacuuming, while widely adopted, shifts unwanted particles around rather than extracting and retaining them, lacking the critical medical-grade HEPA 13 filter. Steam cleaning, on the other hand, introduces moisture into the mattress, affecting its longevity and potentially creating a breeding ground for mould,” they said.

Their product, CleanMyBed, uses a two-part medical-grade process that goes beyond surface-level cleaning.

Their two-step process uses technology focused on the sanitisation and allergen removal in mattresses and pillows.

Firstly, it utilises HEPA 13 filtered vacuum technology to extract 99.97% of microns without reintroducing them into your sleeping environment (including discarded skin cells, dust mite faecal matter, pet dander and other debris from within the mattress).

This part of the process has been awarded the seal of approval from the Allergy Foundation of South Africa (AFSA).

They don’t just stop at extraction; they go a step further to sanitise your sleeping environment with germicidal light (UVC) technology, a medical-grade solution straight from hospitals.

This ensures that your mattress is not only clean but also free from harmful microorganisms that can compromise your health and wellbeing.

The couple further told Business Report, “ if we could leave one thought in people’s minds it is this. What we extract from beds can be found in just about every mattress on earth. We’re all sleeping with the enemy. Removing this from our sleeping environment makes more sense than leaving it in. So,why not sleep, breathe, perform and feel better, and remember the service is also a sensible means of allergy management. It helped our family and thousands of others and now we want to educate everyone else.”