Huawei Launches Luna 2.0 Solar Solution in SA

Huawei Fusionsolar launches Luna 2.0 solar solution in South Africa. Image: Supplied.

Huawei Fusionsolar launches Luna 2.0 solar solution in South Africa. Image: Supplied.

Published Apr 11, 2024


Leading global digital power and product solution vendor, Huawei has launched its innovative Fusionsolar Residential Luna 2.0 solar solution to the South African market. The product can be utilized in smaller scenarios i.e. residential, Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME), and business.

The solution, which comes in different scopes, 10 kW with 5 kWh battery capacity per module, expandible to 30 kWh, is an important step in the technological advancement of energy storage systems in South Africa. Given the country’s frequent power outages and unstable electricity supply, solar PV and energy storage systems have become increasingly vital. By capturing and storing renewable energy like solar power, they provide an alternative power source for South African's electricity needs. Additionally, they contribute to balancing the power grid, enhancing energy efficiency, and reducing electricity costs.

But, in this challenging electricity scarce environment like South Africa, ensuring the safety of energy storage systems is crucial. These systems involve electrical equipment and battery technology, and improper installation or maintenance may lead to risks such as fires, electrical hazards, and even adverse environmental impacts.

The Luna 2.0 system aims to enhance the advantages that solar and energy storage systems offer while also mitigating the safety issues associated with them. The Smart PV solution aims to do so while supporting seamless on-grid/off-grid switchover. Packaged in an elegant and sleek design, the Fusionsolar Residential Luna 2.0 also has no LCD, and no buttons compared to other brands. These design features have practical value too. From a safety perspective, vulnerable parts like LCD screens, buttons, and fans will fail within the lifetime of a piece of equipment and will require maintenance. That is why Huawei has designed its equipment without these vulnerable parts.

The solar solution also has an intelligent monitoring and management system, which helps to ensure less downtime and a better return on investment. Additionally, it offers intelligent energy storage, which allows each module to charge and discharge independently, with more backup time.

The Fusionsolar Luna 2.0 solution comes with several other safety features too. In the event of an emergency, for example, the inverter shuts down the roof voltage quickly to 0V (PV optimizers will be needed for this function). This ensures a higher personal safety guarantee for owners, installation and maintenance personnel, and firefighters. Huawei has also built the solution to comply with the strictest international safety standard NEC 2017 and meets the fast shutdown requirements.

Safety features include cell-level protection, electrical protection, structural protection, active protection, and emergency protection, including a built-in intelligent fire suppression kit for each battery. The system is also built to withstand extreme cold and heat as well as wind and sand, meaning that it’s ideally suited to South Africa’s diverse geographic footprint. All Fusionsolar Luna 2.0 customers will additionally receive a 10-year full replacement warranty on purchase of the product.

The Fusionsolar Luna 2.0 solution is now available to dealers, trade partners, and installers.