Gen Z slang you can learn to connect with younger colleagues

If you don’t know these words, take your L fam. Picture: Pexels

If you don’t know these words, take your L fam. Picture: Pexels

Published Nov 17, 2023


Quit yapping! Gen Z is tired of other generations complaining about the language they use.

Gen Z consists of people who were born between 1997 and 2012.

Like every generation, this group has its own way of communicating, which may inadvertently make those of other generations feel excluded as they may not understand what is being said.

The slang has origins from pop culture phenomenons as well as from African American Vernacular English and also has roots in phrases that were originally used by the LBGTQ+ community.

Because of social media and the internet at large, Gen Z quickly picks up new terms.

This generation not only use this lexicon with each other but also bring it to the workplace.

So if you want to communicate better with Gen Z colleagues, here are some slang terms that you should:


This is used to explain a person talking too much or speaking something nonsensical.

For example, “He has been yapping like that all day. I am so annoyed.”


This is used to convey agreement with a statement, opinion or feeling someone communicated.

“I think the state of Israel is currently committing genocide.”

“Yeah, valid.”


Similar to valid, this word expresses agreement with something that was said.

“We don’t get paid enough to do this job.”



This is used to convey fondness for someone.

“Yeah fam, let’s go grab lunch.”


When someone is telling a lie and you catch them on it.

“I am friends with the Kolisi’s.”

“Stop the cap fam, you don’t even know them.”

W and L

A W means a win and the L a loss or failures.

“Did you get her number?”

“No, I am taking the L and moving on.”


This describes good music.

“I can’t wait to listen to the new remix of Water by Tyla, I know it’s a total bop.”


An overzealous or obsessed fan of a famous individual without being creepy. This comes from the 2000 song ‘Stan’ by US rapper Eminem, about an obsessed fan.

“I stan Mr Beast, he can never do no wrong in my eyes.”


This describes a thing, person or situation that is suspicious.

“Have you noticed how sus Njabulo has been lately? I think he’s up to something”


Used to show an idea or something that someone agrees with. It is particularly frequent in political slang and conversations, and it may be used for contentious issues.

“That politician is based.”