Scaling Sustainable Aquaculture in Africa: Dr Iqbal Survé’s Vision

Published Mar 26, 2024


“Invest in Africa” — that was the impassioned call for increased investment in sustainable aquaculture on the continent by Dr. Iqbal Survé, Executive Chairman of the Sekunjalo Group.

Survé was sharing his insights on scaling sustainable aquaculture in Africa, emphasising the vast opportunities for investment and development in the sector at the World Economic Forum.

When asked about key opportunities in African aquaculture, Survé provided insightful responses, showcasing his deep understanding of the sector and his commitment to social impact investments in sub-Saharan Africa.

"Investing in aquaculture in Africa presents a myriad of opportunities that align with both economic prosperity and sustainable development," said Survé.

"As the Executive Chairman of the Sekunjalo Group, my commitment to social impact investments in sub-Saharan Africa extends to sectors such as fisheries and aquaculture, where the potential for positive change is immense,” he said.

Survé highlighted Premier Fishing's Atlantic Abalone Farm in South Africa as a prime example of successful aquaculture.

"Premier Food and Fishing Limited's Atlantic Abalone farm in South Africa stands as a testament to the success achievable in aquaculture," he said.

"With its strategic location, advanced aquaculture techniques, and dedication to solar energy, it not only produces 120 tons of cultured abalone annually but also serves as a global leader in sustainable aquaculture,” said Survé.

Regarding Mauritius as an investment hub for aquaculture, Survé remarked, "Mauritius emerges as a promising destination for aquaculture investment. While challenges exist, such as limited aquaculture experience and the need for a more favourable investment climate, the potential is undeniable."

Speaking on collaborative efforts like the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI), Survé emphasised the power of bringing together influential business leaders and industry investors.

"Collaborative efforts, exemplified by GSI's leadership roundtable, showcase the commitment to sustainable and equitable development within the African aquaculture industry," he said.

Survé's vision for sustainable aquaculture investment in Africa extends beyond individual ventures to encompass broader opportunities and challenges within the sector.

"The potential for sustainable aquaculture investment in Africa is vast, and our dedication to making socially impactful investments in this sector remains unwavering," said Survé.