Cops looking into missing ‘no dogs on beach’ signs

A public information sign was removed at Big Bay.

A public information sign was removed at Big Bay.

Published Apr 26, 2024


Cape Town - Police are investigating the theft of three public information boards from Big Bay and Eden on the Bay that were removed just days after being erected.

The signage said no dogs and alcohol were allowed on the beach, while cautioning bathers to swim between the flags.

Deputy mayor and spatial planning and environment Mayco member Eddie Andrews said the City lodged a criminal complaint with police, adding they had evidence pertaining to the culprit involved.

“Unfortunately, we cannot divulge more information in the interest of the ongoing investigation.

“These signs are public property, removal or damage or tampering or defacing of the sign is an offence and the City will take action against those who are doing so.

“We will replace the signs as soon as we are able to, seeing that we have to procure more signs at a cost to the public,” he said.

The signage banning dogs from the beach was recently met with anger by some pet owners.

This as the debate continued over whether or not canines should be allowed in the public space.

Ward 23 councillor in Big Bay Paul Swart said it was sad that the signs went missing after the community waited for months to get them.

“It is important to note that the diligence of the community resulted in the theft being noted very quickly and the perpetrator being identified in surveillance footage.

“This is a community that tries to understand the often lack of resources, both on the side of SAPS as well as the City’s law enforcement agencies, and chooses to play an active role to assist in ensuring their safety and security, even in the surrounding areas,” whe said.

A Parklands resident who works in Big Bay, Christopher Mohr, said that he was annoyed with the signage removal and lack of consideration for others using the beach.

“I am of the opinion that the thefts are somewhat ridiculous and of detriment to the area. The area has private security, but this (the missing beach signs) will need to be an SAPS issue.

“There are crimes that take place of course, but nowhere near the scale of other areas, as the area is quite well managed,” he said.

Police spokesperson Joseph Swartbooi said the circumstances surrounding the incident were under investigation.

“The complainant alleges that on April 10, he discovered that signage recently installed at a local business centre was removed without permission.

“Table View police registered a case of general theft for further investigation,” he said.