Mom of Cape teen fighting for justice after son attacked at Canal Walk mall over the weekend

A screengrab of the assault at Canal Walk.

A screengrab of the assault at Canal Walk.

Published Jun 18, 2024


Cape Town - A southern suburbs family says it is still reeling in shock after what was supposed to be a pleasant trip to Canal Walk turned violent for their 16-year-old moments before the mall was due to close.

The incident on Saturday, captured on video, saw a gang of youngsters attack some of the mall’s patrons in the food court.

One of the victims, a 16-year-old boy, was allegedly attacked and injured for not responding to a question when confronted by the group.

‘Gang’ beat up my son at Canal Walk for no reason picture screenshot

According to his mother, Nadia Ross, the teen was asked in Afrikaans whether or not he was in a gang, but he remained quiet because he was unfamiliar with the group of boys and uncomfortable conversing in Afrikaans.

“My son wasn’t comfortable speaking with these boys and he didn’t have to,” Ross said.

“He didn’t know them but that was all it took for them to attack him like hungry dogs fighting over a bone.

“My son is traumatised and so are we. How could something like this happen in such a public space?

“I can’t just let this go without raising awareness about the effects of such incidents on our society.”

According to Ross, her son was at the mall to attend a friend’s birthday dinner accompanied by his family.

They split from him once he spotted his peers and was headed to the mall’s food court. In the video, several boys are seen slapping and punching other youngsters standing alongside the mall’s corridor bannisters.

“The incident took place less than 10 minutes before the mall was to close, adds Ross.

“I remember how we got a call at about 8.55pm to say a gang was attacking my son.

“As a mother, nothing prepares you for something like that, and nothing can ever make an experience like that okay.

“We will be lodging a formal complaint with the police, we have already been to Maitland SAPS.

“However, we will be heading to Milnerton SAPS as advised by Canal Walk to open a case,” Ross said.

The Cape Argus reached out to Canal Walk’s management team for comment and was advised to call back after the holiday break.

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