Chatsworth resident graduates cum laude for the second time

Marrisa Naidoo. Picture: Mnqobi Ngobese.

Marrisa Naidoo. Picture: Mnqobi Ngobese.

Published May 23, 2024


Durban — A Chatsworth resident graduated cum laude for the second during the Durban University of Technology (DUT) Autumn Graduation on Wednesday at the Olive Convention Centre in Durban.

Marrisa Naidoo, 22, was happy when she graduated cum laude for the second time for her Advanced Diploma in Business and Information Management.

Specialising in a specific segment within the business field is part of Naidoo’s plans and she has been looking into project management since she intends on moving into the field.

Naidoo’s academic achievement has been the biggest highlight in her university journey and she is glad that she chose the Business and Information Management course as it has opened many opportunities for her.

For Naidoo, graduating cum laude was proof that hard work pays especially because of the challenges she faced.

“I experienced the challenge of adjusting to online and then back to face-to-face and having to juggle school and work made me anxious at times,” Naidoo said.

Through determination and dedication, she persevered.

Naidoo’s studying does not end here, she is looking forward to furthering her studies and implied the goal to study for her master’s degree in the upcoming year.

Presently, Naidoo works for an online news publication, The South African, where she coordinates their freelance department.

Naidoo is proud and excited of herself for achieving this well-earned diploma which will always serve as evidence that quitting is never an option.

Amahle Mbeje. Picture: Supplied.

Also graduating was Amahle Mbeje, 21, who graduated cum laude with a Dean’s Merit Award for her Diploma in Business and Information Management.

In 2021, Mbeje registered for a diploma and graduating cum laude with a Dean’s Merit Award was proof she can achieve honorary awards and that big things are yet to come.

“I would also like to thank my father and my family who supported me. I never slept hungry even once, they provided everything I needed. I thank God that I did not feel substandard and did not lose focus on my studies,” Mbeje said.

During the journey, Mbeje faced financial difficulties and did not have a laptop to work on. She had to borrow her room-mate’s laptop.

However, through determination, dedication and hard work, she persevered and achieved her diploma with academic excellence.

“I did not have money to buy material to study, thanks to my first-year room-mate (Nobuhle) who lent me her laptop for the whole second semester, attending and writing assessments with it. If it wasn’t for her maybe I would have failed some of the modules,” Mbeje said.

Mbeje said she was grateful to her grandmother who played a motherly role since she was born and is grateful to her father for giving her the best life experience even when he was unemployed.

“My family as a whole played an important role. I am the person I am today because they taught me to respect life, focus, dedicate and humble myself and work hard in all I do to be successful,” Mbeje said.

Currently, Mbeje is enrolled for her Advanced Diploma in BIM and plans to continue studying until she obtains a Doctorate.

She aspires to be an executive and have her own business soon.

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