DJ Tira issues musician Luke Ntombela with legal letter after damning allegations

DJ Tira has issued a cease and desist legal letter to musician Luke Ntombela, following damning allegations levelled at him.

DJ Tira has issued a cease and desist legal letter to musician Luke Ntombela, following damning allegations levelled at him.

Published May 13, 2024


Record label boss DJ Tira has broken his silence regarding the allegations of apparent sexual misconduct that have been levelled against him by the up-and-coming musician Luke Ntombela. Last week, Ntombela took to Facebook and went public with claims that she may have been sexually violated by the DJ.

Ntombela shared how she had woken up in bed with the music mogul, whose real name is Mthokozisi Khathi. She said she had blacked out and did not remember what happened between herself and the DJ and how she ended up in his bed.

She also shared screenshots of their WhatsApp communication, where she was apparently pleading with the music mogul to explain the events of the alleged encounter between the two of them.

In the screenshots, Tira is purportedly seen requesting a face-to-face meeting with Ntombela. In one of the interactions, Ntombela speaks of her emotional damage, depression, humiliation and feeling disrespected after the alleged encounter.

On Monday, DJ Tira posted a cease and desist letter issued by his lawyers to Ntombela which labelled her allegations as “false and defamatory”.

“Our clients have advised us of continuous assassination of their characters and brand perpetuated by your posts on various social media accounts of unfounded baseless, and defamatory allegations against them.

“Such conduct from you is causing serious and severe harm to our clients’ esteemed brand and reputation.”

Ntombela also had an interview with popular radio station Ukhozi FM on the Vuka Afrika Breakfast show and told her story once again.

In her post, Ntombela admits that the details of how she and Tira ended up in the same bed were unclear, and when she looked for answers from the DJ, he refused to explain.

“It became apparent from the Ukhozi FM Radio station interview that your allegations were devoid of substance and logic, but full of malice and desire to blackmail our clients into paying you money for undetermined reasons under the guise of our client owing you some money for performing musician exercises,” said Tira’s attorneys, Khathi & Mkhize Attorneys.

Ntombela posted on Facebook a series of screenshots, believed to be WhatsApp messages between her and DJ Tira, on their interaction.

“I hear you saying this and that about witchcraft; how do you explain the pain of waking up in someone’s bed when you’re blacked out? That person continues touching you as if you are lovers.

“I’m giving you one last chance to explain to me: what really happened on that day where I ended up in your bed?

“You know that I had blacked out, but you continued touching me inappropriately as if we were dating,” Ntombela wrote on Facebook.

Ntombela, who claimed to have met the DJ on the set of the Mzansi Magic show ‘Clash of the Choirs’, also wrote that the married DJ tried to ask her out, but she turned him down.

According to some of her public posts from April this year, she has been in a dispute with the DJ over some music industry dealings, including allegedly being underpaid for gigs, not being paid adequate royalties and not being credited for songs she wrote.

The Afrotainment music boss per the legal letter from his lawyers, Khathi & Mkhize Attorneys, wants Ntombela to desist from publishing and peddling the malicious and unfounded allegations.

He also wants her to publish a retraction on social media and conduct a radio interview on Ukhozi FM and offer an unconditional apology.

She has been given seven days to do so.

Ntombela has seen the legal letter and shared it on her Facebook page.

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