Stripper threatens to post naked pictures of Prince Harry on OnlyFans

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. Picture: Gareth Cattermole / Reuters

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. Picture: Gareth Cattermole / Reuters

Published Mar 6, 2024


A former stripper has threatened to post naked pictures of Prince Harry on her OnlyFans page.

The 39-year-old Duke of Sussex found himself in hot water back in 2012 when pictures of him in the nude were published around the world after he shed his clothes at a booze-fuelled bash in Las Vegas and now one of the party-goers - Carrie Royale - has declared she has more snaps of Harry "in the buff" and she's plotting to release them after he "whitewashed" his antics in his book 'Spare'.

Carrie, 52, told The Sun newspaper: "These pictures have never been seen by the public. I have poolside pictures of before the night and shots of Harry in the buff. People will be shocked by them.

"I never released these pictures before out of respect. Now, it doesn’t matter. He is a bloody idiot."

She added of her decision to finally share the images: "I’m a little angry about being whitewashed from his book. I mean ... wow. He missed a lot of things from that night.

"I am surprised he remembers anyone’s name because he was pretty intoxicated but he could have talked about the few things that happened between us, he missed that completely."

Carrie went on to add she's hoping to make "a couple of million" out of the scheme.

Harry - who was 27 at the time - ended up naked during the party at a hotel in Sin City after playing "strip billiards" following a day of boozing. Pictures of the prince were later published around the world and he opened up about his "shame" in his book 'Spare'.

Harry wrote: "I berated myself: How had I let it happen? How had I been so stupid? Why had I trusted other people? My sense of guilt and shame made it hard at moments to draw a clean breath.

"I fled to Scotland, met up with my family at Balmoral. It was August and they were all there ... Soon after my arrival I met Pa at nearby Birkhall. To my surprise, to my relief, he was gentle. Even bemused. He felt for me, he said, he'd been there, though he'd never been naked on a front page."

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