Durban FilmMart 2023 highlights the African film industry and talent

Lyse Nsengiyumva of the International Film Festival Rotterdam is one of the keynote speakers at the 2023 Durban FilmMart. Picture: Supplied

Lyse Nsengiyumva of the International Film Festival Rotterdam is one of the keynote speakers at the 2023 Durban FilmMart. Picture: Supplied

Published Jun 14, 2023


The 14th annual Durban FilmMart (DFM) will be held from 21 to 24 July, under the theme “African Constellations”.

The festival aims to showcase and celebrate the talent and diversity of the African film industry.

This year, the festival is returning to a physical edition, taking place over four days at the Southern Sun Elangeni in Durban.

The festival program will feature various thematic strands that have been popular in previous editions.

These include “DFM in Conversation”, which likely involves panel discussions and talks with industry professionals, providing valuable insights into the world of filmmaking.

“Durban Does Docs” will focus on documentary films, highlighting their significance and impact. “Animation@DFM” will explore the world of animation in African cinema, while “SA in Focus” will showcase the South African film industry.

In addition to these returning strands, the festival is introducing two new strands this year.

“Talking Cents” is likely to delve into the business and financial aspects of the film industry, offering valuable information and resources for filmmakers and industry professionals.

“The Power of Programming” will likely explore the art and significance of film programming, emphasising the role of curators and programmers in shaping film festivals and events.

“As we unveil the Durban FilmMart 2023 Industry Programme, our focus remains on highlighting the immense talent emanating from Africa.

“What sets DFM apart is our unwavering commitment to talent development and forging transformative pathways for African filmmakers,” said Magdalene Reddy, Director of the Durban FilmMart Institute.

“DFM provides a wealth of opportunities, empowering filmmakers to reach for success and providing them with knowledge and experience to access global markets.

“Our chosen theme, African Constellations, encapsulates the idea that each individual is a brilliant star, and together we form a constellation that represents the vibrant African film industry.”

The guest speakers will unpack what measures exist in the African documentary landscape and can be built to create a more dynamic ecosystem that not only creates a space for filmmakers to grow and show their work but develops the documentary community on a holistic level.

The Durban FilmMart Institute promises to be an enriching experience for attendees, with a diverse range of events and discussions that highlight the African film industry and its talent.

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