WATCH: But is it performance art? Latest cat video goes viral with over 2 million views

Published Jul 13, 2023


Whether you love or hate them, cat videos will either melt your heart or have you rolling with laughter.

Cats doing cute or naughty things will always cause a reaction.

So when Ultra Pet released their latest hilarious TikTok video, it was no surprise that it went viral with over 2 million views.

“The Cat One” video is the latest hit in the pet food brand’s online video series, using humour to cut through category clutter to encourage the switch to a premium, South African, pet food brand.

The funny clip shows us a man in a cat costume doing the things that cats do on a daily bases.

One scene shows him clawing at the bathroom door while another shows him accidentally breaking things.

@ultra_pet You asked for 'The Cat One'. Tada! #SwitchtoUltraPet ♬ original sound - Ultra Pet

Tara Pape, Ultra Pet Brand Manager said, “We want to encourage pet owners - who are tired of paying extremely high prices for imported brands to switch and see how Ultra Pet gives their pets the optimal nutrition they need, at affordable prices.”

She added, “We did this with our latest branded content piece - in the form of performance art - in order to mimic the idiosyncrasies of cats that we see and love on social media channels, daily.”

According to Bloomberg, 15 percent of all web traffic is driven by cat videos, and - since 2020 - there have been more than 50 million Google searches for ‘cat’ per month.

Tara added, “We’ve received hundreds of requests on social media for a cat version of ‘My Best Friend’.”

She continued, “We ran a Google Trends Search - over the past 12 months - to ascertain whether South Africans are #TeamCat or #TeamDog. Interestingly, searches for ‘cat video’ on YouTube edged ‘dog video’ by five per cent, but, as a nation, we are perfectly balanced with our feline or canine content discovery.'


  • Gauteng residents 55% - 45%
  • Eastern Cape and KZN residents 53% - 47%
  • WC residents 51% - 49%


  • Northern Cape 51% - 49%
  • Mpumalanga, North West, and Limpopo residents 52% - 48%
  • Free State residents are undecided - 50% - 50%