WATCH: Mom-to-be drinks red wine and applies make-up while she’s in labour

TikToker shows how she gets ready to give birth. Picture: TikTok/cierrakaylese

TikToker shows how she gets ready to give birth. Picture: TikTok/cierrakaylese

Published Oct 25, 2023


Have you ever seen those scenes in movies when a woman is in labour?

Usually, there’s a whole lot of screaming and swearing involved.

But this TikToker will show you a different side of what labour looks like.

TikTok mom Cierra @cierrakaylese took to the video app to share how she got ready to give birth.

The video captioned: “GRWM (get ready with me) to give birth” has been viewed over 5 million times and liked by over 440K people.

The mom-to-be is seen sitting on an exercise ball, showing her followers how she applies her make-up and does her hair in preparation for giving birth while experiencing labour pains.

Labour pains, which she describes as being pretty consistent and not incredibly intense, hence the reason she can still talk through them.

As she slowly and gently rocks and bounces on the exercise ball, she applies her make-up.

“Who doesn’t want to slay while they’re in labour” she said.

She does a bit of contouring and adds some blush.

As she blends her make-up she says: “I thought this would be a funny thing to look back on for myself.”

If applying make-up while having contractions wasn’t strange enough, she then starts sipping on a glass of red wine that her sister gives her.

According to Cierra, her midwife told her to drink a glass of wine and have a nap.

She continues to sip on her wine while her sister comes in and does her hair.

One can tell that she’s really enjoying the wine because at one point she even says: “Oh this is good wine.”

Throughout the video, she calmly breathes through what appears to be mild contractions.

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Even though the video is meant to centre around her getting ready - applying her make-up and doing her hair - viewers were far more intrigued about her drinking wine during the entire process.

“Wait, back up, I’ve never heard of wine during labour!” commented one viewer.

“I have three kids and I’m really mad that no one told me I could drink wine during labour,” said an angry mom.

Another was keen on the whole wine idea saying: “Okay but the WINE! I’m doing a home birth this round and will 100% be doing this.”