Spur Steak Ranches revamp

Spur Steak Ranches have a new look. Picture Suppled

Spur Steak Ranches have a new look. Picture Suppled

Published May 31, 2024


When Spur Steak Ranches opened its first restaurant, the Golden Spur, in 1967, the vision was clear: to create a new kind of restaurant where kids weren’t just welcomed but celebrated.

The goal was to become the top restaurant destination for South African families, a place where sticky fingers, the best milkshakes and flame grilled burgers could be enjoyed in an environment where kids could laugh and cry as loud as they pleased without parents being stressed.

Fifty six years later this concept has expanded into a 304-store franchise chain with an additional 30 restaurants across the continent. Today, visiting Spur is synonymous with family-friendly fun and joy.

Spur is synonymous with family fun and laughter.

Birthday parties, first dates and weekend breakfasts have been celebrated by generations of South Africans at Spurs across the country. For many of us it was our first ever restaurant experience.

Spur’s iconic restaurants are now undergoing a makeover, with a fresh new look and exciting new experiences to keep the next generation of the Spur family wanting to come back for more of what we have grown to love.

Spur’s new decor is lighter and brighter. Picture: Supplied

So far, only a few locations feature the new brand concept, with Cape Town boasting two of them: Texas Spur (N1 City Mall) and Golden Spur (Rondebosch). The updates are subtle, but collectively they make a significant impact. The interior is brighter and lighter and we can look forward to seeing those iconic cow-hide bench seats from previous years making a comeback.

The iconic cow-hide bench seats are back. Picture: Supplied

The Golden Spur now includes a stunning walk-in wine cellar stocked with premium local and international wines.

Notable selections include Anthonij Rupert wines, The Protea range, the Nederburg Winemasters series, and for those seeking top-tier choices, the Heritage Heroes and Beyerskloof collections.

The Golden Spur’s walk-in wine cellar stocked with premium local and international wines. Picture: Supplied

"Spur has always celebrated family by being welcoming, generous, inclusive, and a place for celebration," says Chief Marketing Officer for Spur Corporation Vuya Henda. "The brand is now bolder, brighter, and more adventurous, with more features and greater comfort designed to reflect the vibrance and diversity of South African families."

"The market is rapidly evolving, and with consumer-led insights, we are ensuring that our most valuable franchise asset, Spur, keeps up with consumers' needs, especially our next generation of young families," says CEO Val Nichas.

"Our unwavering commitment to our customers remains. The value Spur Steak Ranches offers won’t change, but it will improve. The warm welcome, joyful atmosphere, quality food, and friendly staff will remain, now with an enhanced experience."

So what has changed?

The iconic Native American Indian chief is still with us, however, he has been given a modern stylized look.

Spur’s conic Native American Indian chief has a modern stylized look. Picture: Supplied

Inside the restaurants new features include a central dining space with comfortable booth seating and refreshed decor. There will be a more adult-focused area for smaller, intimate occasions.

Kids can look forward to a revamped play experience with unique themes for immersive adventures.

"We are celebrating the joy of family more than ever—every family, the South African family," adds Henda. "We know our customers have a zest for life, so within our welcoming brand, there will be new things to see, new spaces to experience, and new adventures to enjoy."

"As always, we want to be part of all those special moments: the celebrations, birthdays, first dates, work events, victories, losses, farewells, and everything in between. Spur is more than just good food and good value; it’s an experience."

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