Are you a beginner baker? Here’s what you need to get going

A rolling pin is a must-have. Picture: Klaus Nielsen / Pexels

A rolling pin is a must-have. Picture: Klaus Nielsen / Pexels

Published Jun 21, 2024


You’ve watched all the baking shows on TV and seen all the TikToks, now all you want to do is roll up your sleeves and get baking.

However, as a beginner baker, who is just starting out, it can be overwhelming to figure out what tools you need to get going.

So whether you want to make simple cookies or wholesome breads, here are some essential items that every aspiring baker should have in their kitchen.

Mixing bowls

Having a set of mixing bowls in various sizes will make it easier for you to mix and prepare your ingredients.

You will need various sizes of mixing bowls. Picture: Elly Fairytale / Pexels

Measuring cups and spoons

Accurately measuring your ingredients is crucial for baking, so investing in a good set of measuring cups and spoons is a must.

Baking pans

Depending on what you want to bake, you’ll need a variety of baking pans, such as cake pans, cookie sheets, and muffin tins.

Rolling pin

If you plan on baking pies or cookies, a rolling pin will come in handy for rolling out pastry or dough.

Whisk and spatula

A whisk is essential for blending ingredients together, while a spatula is useful for scraping down the sides of mixing bowls.

A whisk is essential for blending ingredients. Picture: Andres Ayrton / Pexels

Oven thermometer

To ensure that your oven is at the right temperature for baking, an oven thermometer is a helpful tool to have on hand.

Cooling racks

After baking your treats, you’ll need a place to let them cool down, so investing in a set of cooling racks is a good idea.

Cooling racks are essential. Picture: Josh Sorenson / Pexels

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