Miss XO warns young women pursuing lavish lifestyles about the price they pay with sugar daddies

Social media influencer Xoli Gcabashe, also known as 'Miss XO,' has urged women to strive for financial independence, instead of relying on sugar daddies to fund their lifestyle. Picture: Instagram @miss_xo6

Social media influencer Xoli Gcabashe, also known as 'Miss XO,' has urged women to strive for financial independence, instead of relying on sugar daddies to fund their lifestyle. Picture: Instagram @miss_xo6

Published Apr 18, 2024


Social media influencer Xoli Gcabashe, also known as 'Miss XO' has warned young women about the pitfalls of pursuing a sugar daddy funded lifestyle, sparking debate on social media.

In a video clip which has since gone viral, Gcabashe has urged young women to strive for financial independence, rather than relying on sugar daddies for a lavish lifestyle.

The influencer, who is known for living an opulent lifestyle, shared her views during a segment titled "Wine Wednesday With XO" on her YouTube channel, where she answered questions from her followers.

One of her followers asked her a question: “In your college life, did you ever find yourself in a peer pressure of soft life sugar daddies?”


Miss XO answered and said: “No, I have never been pressured to find sugar daddies, because I started working from a young age, I have been very independent from a young age, and also because I have seen it from my mother.”

She said although she had been in relationships with men who bought her lavish accessories and luxury gifts, she proudly declared that she had never dated a sugar daddy before.

Miss XO said she fell pregnant in high school, and upon entering college to pursue her studies, she chose to prioritise her studies, as she battled with depression.

She said she secured her first job just two weeks after graduating.

Miss XO emphasised that it's common to feel pressured by the lavish lifestyles showcased on social media, particularly on platforms like Instagram.

She said that it was important to know that one may not be aware of how others get those luxurious items.

“And, 90% of it is bums,” she remarked, intimating young women were in transactional relationships.

“So, if you’re willing to sell your soul, if you’re willing to sleep with them [men], if you’re willing to do all the things these things, then you can have all the softest life, because of sugar daddies,” said Miss XO.

She added: “Nothing is for free my love, you will have to sleep with these people to get what you want, and for them to give you what you want, you have to sleep with them.”

Recently, a video of a teenage girl made the rounds on social media platforms, in which she can be seen happy and in disbelief as she receives the latest iPhone as an anniversary gift. She was apparently gifted by her married boyfriend, a much older man.

Miss XO urged young women to persevere and wait until they secure employment to achieve their desired goals through their own efforts.

She said by doing that, they won’t have a traumatic experiences with men.

“If sleeping with seven people so that one can get you a bag, hair, one can give you R5 000. Five people will give you different things and you’ll be collecting spirits by sleeping with all these people,” she warned.

A study conducted by Hillary Topazian and other from the University of North Carolina, focused on the HIV risk factors by age.

The study, titled Variations in HIV risk by young women’s age and partner age-disparity in rural South Africa, used population data from 2017, found that HIV prevalence remains a serious problem among young women in South Africa.

It reported a prevalence of 5.8% among female adolescents 15 to 19 years, 15.6% among young women 20 to 24 years, and to 27.5% among those to 25 to 29 years.

The study found adolescent girls and young women reported an older partner in 86% of 5,351 age pairings, with “high risk behaviours such as transactional sex and alcohol use are associated with age-disparate partnerships, and biological factors also play a role in increasing risk of HIV in women”.

“Age differences between adolescent girls and young women and their sexual partners have a greater effect on HIV risk infection in younger compared to older adolescent girls and young women.

“Considering both the age of an adolescent girl and young women and her sexual partners provides granular insight into identifying key groups for HIV transmission prevention efforts,” the study found.

Miss XO advised women to resist feeling pressured by the fancy displays of celebrities and influencers, unwrapping fancy products on Instagram.

She said that she had felt under pressure, to share similar content in the past.

“I don’t care for it anymore,” she added, laughing. “Instagram is a lie.”

Some on social media have reacted.

“People aren’t being receptive in the comments because Miss Xo is an “imperfect vessel,” but I think someone who’s actually lived this life is the perfect person to be warning young women about it,” @liwetweets captioned the post.

— Lu 🤍 (@liwetweets) April 16, 2024

@saintomari commented: “Not too long ago she was suggesting ways to find rich men. She probably needs to decide what she wants herself.”


“Kante why not get 1 sugar daddy and settle? Why must it be 7?,” @MKatlegoTsele wrote.


@LesibaNgwato said: “There is no free lunch in South Africa.”

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