Want your first date to be great? This is how you should behave

Couple on a date. Picture: Cottonbro / Pexels

Couple on a date. Picture: Cottonbro / Pexels

Published Apr 3, 2024


If you’re looking for the love of your life, there’s no way of getting out of that important first date.

Whether you met online or set up by friends, going on that first date can be nerve-racking.

No matter how long you’ve been chatting to someone on the phone, there’s nothing like that first date to tell if you want to take things further with the person or not.

From what to wear to what to say, one must get it just right to make a good first impression.

While one cannot create chemistry between two people, there are ways to ensure that the date at least runs smoothly.

Here’s what NOT to do on your first date.

Don’t talk about your ex

One of the biggest turn-offs on a first date is talking excessively about your ex-partner.

This can make your date feel uncomfortable and give off the impression that you are not over your past relationship.

Don’t dominate the conversation

It’s important to remember that a date is a two-way conversation.

Avoid dominating the discussion and give your date a chance to speak and share their thoughts and feelings.

Try not to dominate the conversation. Picture: Cottonbro Studio / Pexels

Be on time

Showing up late for a date can give off the impression that you don't value your date’s time.

Make sure to plan ahead and arrive on time to show that you are considerate and respectful.

Be measured

How you treat the staff at a restaurant can say a lot about your character.

Being rude or dismissive towards them can be a major red flag for your date.

Be open, but don’t overshare

While it's important to be open and honest on a first date, be mindful of oversharing personal information too soon.

Keep the conversation light and positive, and save the deeper topics for later dates.

Put the phone away

Nothing says “I'm not interested” more than being glued to your phone during a date.

Put your phone away and give your date your full attention to show that you are engaged and interested in getting to know them.

Have a drink, but...

While it's okay to have a drink or two on a first date, getting too drunk can lead to embarrassing situations and ruin the evening.

Don’t drink too much. Picture: Jep Gambardella / Pexels

Pace yourself and know your limits to ensure that you make a good impression.

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