Wife has cheating husband’s lover’s lipstick placed inside birthday cake to expose him

Man found his lover’s lipstick inside his birthday cake. Picture: Pexels Ron Lach

Man found his lover’s lipstick inside his birthday cake. Picture: Pexels Ron Lach

Published Jan 18, 2024


Guys who have affairs know that they have to be extra careful to keep it a secret and not get caught.

However, so many of them do.

This man thought he would get away with his infidelity but unfortunately, he was sloppy and left a piece of evidence lying around that proved his guilt.

A wife found a tube of Dior lipstick that didn’t belong to her in her husband’s car.

And instead of confronting him with it, she decided to find a more cunning way to reveal his secret.

The woman reached out to a baker who specialises in unusual cakes and asked her to place the lipstick inside the cake.

The baker, @bakemydaymimo, took to TikTok to share the wife’s tale.

The video which has been viewed 9 million times showed the baker making the cake with the lipstick in the centre, as well as showing off her cake-decorating skills.

She shared that the woman requested a football cake for her husband’s birthday because he loves football.

The wife told her that she found the lipstick in his car and that it did not belong to her because she doesn’t buy boujee lipstick like that.

“I think he’s cheating on me and want to put it in the cake,” the wife told her.

She didn’t want to bring it up but thought this would be the best way. So when they sang ‘happy birthday’ and he cut into the cake, the lipstick would be in the way.

“I was like wow. I’ve never done something like this before and I kinda want to see the reaction video but I think that would have been rude to ask. Not gonna lie, I am super curious,” the baker concluded.

@bakemydaymimo I really wanna know how it went. I’m so curious. Do you guys think it would be rude if I reached out and asked her? I feel like it would be so insensitive. AnyWho, #CakeArt #FondantArt #CheatersCake #CheaterCake #CakeForACheater #FootballCake #Football ♬ original sound - Mimo

Of course everyone wanted to know how it all went down and fortunately for us the wife told her what happened after he discovered the lipstick in the birthday cake.

In a follow-up TikTok post, the baker shared what happened.

She shared that it was just a private birthday celebration between him and her - just in case she was wrong.

After he found the lipstick in the cake, he questioned his wife about what it was, why it’s in the cake and who it was for.

She then told her husband that she found it in his car and asked him who’s it for and that it wasn’t hers.

However, he kept denying that it wasn’t anybody’s and that he didn’t know who it was for.

After back and forth arguing, the wife asked to look at his phone. Of course he would not let her.

He eventually admitted that he was seeing someone from work.

@bakemydaymimo Replying to @J🇵![CDATA[]]>🇸 ♬ original sound - Mimo

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