Looking for the best small kitchen appliances? Ask the experts at Loot

Published Feb 23, 2024


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Uncover the secret to guilt-free frying with our selection of innovative air fryers, designed to deliver crispy and delicious results without the excess oil. Say goodbye to greasy dishes and hello to healthier cooking options that don't compromise on taste.

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Unlock your culinary creativity: Discover speciality appliances for every chef

Fancy yourself a bit of a chef but tired of the same old dishes? Loot's got the gadgets to whip up culinary delights right in your own kitchen! Upgrade your mornings with a Sodastream for instant fizzy drinks.

Become a baking hero with a bread maker and impress everyone with fresh loaves. Craving delicious biltong? We've got the biltong maker to satisfy your biltong cravings.

Say goodbye to the hassle of boiling eggs with an egg boiler, and speed up meal preparation with a pressure cooker, cutting down on cooking time, or indulge in sweet treats with a waffle maker for perfectly crispy, warm breakfast waffles.

Keep those drinks ice-cold all summer long with our handy ice makers. And movie nights get even better with popcorn makers that guarantee perfectly popped kernels every time. Ditch the takeaways and unleash your inner chef with Loot's selection of small kitchen appliances!

Brewing Excellence: Dive into the world of Espresso & Coffee Machines for every taste

Become your own barista with a sleek espresso machine, whipping up creamy lattes, intense espressos, and everything in between.

Prefer a simpler brewing experience? Our range of coffee machines offers everything from sleek pod machines to traditional filter coffee makers, ensuring you get your caffeine fix in no time. With top brands and competitive prices, you can find the perfect machine without breaking the bank. So ditch the instant coffee and upgrade your coffee routine with Loot.co.za

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