Loot has something for every pet, all at an affordable price

Loot.co.za is the go-to-place for all your pets.

Loot.co.za is the go-to-place for all your pets.

Published Mar 15, 2023


We all love our pets and keeping them healthy and happy at all times is of utmost importance. Loot has everything you need for your pets, from pet food, toys, clothing and beds.

Have a look at what you can get for your pets at Loot:

Loot has got you covered with snacks for all pets, including rabbit, cat and dog food among others. So why not treat your favourite pet child to a delicious snack? At Loot we love the Marltons SA Favourites, Olympic Professional Semi-Moist Tummy Care Treats for Dogs, and VetIQ HealthyBites — Your pet is bound to love all these delicious treats.

You can also get a wide variety of pet toys for all pets from birds to small mammals and more. Not only will these toys keep your pets busy, but rest assured they will also earn you some free time.

Having a sickly pet can be expensive, but with Loot your heart can be at ease. You can buy multivitamins for your bird or a powder supplement for your reptiles - keeping your pets healthy and happy at all times.

No one likes having a dirty pet. Loot offers pet shampoos at an affordable price, now you can cuddle up with your pup without worrying about gems.

If you’re a horse owner or lover, you can find amazing horse grooming kits, body brushes, horse supplements plus riding gear at Loot.co.za – your one stop shop!

You can also get a wide range of homes for different pets at Loot. You can get a cage for your bird, a folding dog bed for your precious puppy or an aquarium for your fish. All pets deserve a comfortable and beautiful home.

Winter is around the corner and your pet should be kept warm at all times. Loot has comfortable, warm blankets and beds for your pets in a variety of colours and styles that you can choose from.

You can also dress your pet in style while keeping them warm this winter, with awesome dog knitted sweaters, bandana’s, bow ties and more!

A happy pet makes a happy owner, visit Loot.co.za to give your pet an unforgettable experience.