Next BMW M3 to be offered in ICE and EV versions, on different platforms: report

Published Mar 8, 2024


While many had feared that the BMW M3 would go all-electric for the next generation, the latest rumours suggest the M division will be hedging its bets in both ways.

Citing inside sources, BMW Blog reports that an internal combustion version of the next-generation M3 will be sold alongside the first all-electric version.

Interestingly it appears they will be crafted around completely different platforms, which makes sense as BMW is planning a 3 Series equivalent on the “Neue Klasse” all electric platform and it’s only natural that a performance version will be offered. iM3 perhaps?

The petrol-powered M3, meanwhile, will be spun off the next-generation G50 3 Series, which is expected to use an updated version of today’s CLAR platform.

Both this and the electric Neue Klasse model should arrive in 2027, BMW Blog reported, with the M3 following later that year or possibly in early 2028.

Although the ICE 3 Series and M3 will share some components and technologies with the EV model, it will sport a more traditional design, the publication said, and the current six-cylinder engine is expected to carry over in the performance versions.

Sadly it appears that the BMW M4 Coupe won’t have an internal combustion engined replacement, insiders told BMW Blog.

None of this is official, however, and much can still change between now and the anticipated launch dates around 2027.

Either way it seems BMW is strongly considering hedging its bets on both internal combustion and electric power.

Just a year ago BMW M boss Frank van Meel, in an interview with Drive, implied that the company was still deciding between the two formats. But he reiterated that an electric M-car would have to be an improvement over what’s currently on offer.

“Well, the logic is quite easy. The next (M3) or (M4) has to be better than the current one. And if that can be done in an electric way, then probably it will go electric,” Van Meel said.

“If not, we will stay with (a) combustion engine. It's quite easy. But of course we're trying to make that happen as pure electric,” he added.

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