The Indaba Show: Solly Moeng speaks on how unity is needed in SA

Host of the Indaba show Steven Taylor speaks to Solly Moeng. Image: Courtney Africa

Host of the Indaba show Steven Taylor speaks to Solly Moeng. Image: Courtney Africa

Published May 18, 2023


On the Indaba Show, host Steven Taylor speaks to Solly Moeng, a Brand Reputation Management expert.

Born in Diepkloof Soweto, Moeng’s professional career has taken him around the world, including Canada, USA and France. He now resides in Switzerland.

Moeng also is an experienced columnist and media commentator and he often speaks on politics in South Africa.

Taylor poses the question: “If you look at South Africa at the moment, we’ve got an energy crisis, we’ve got a water crisis, a leadership crisis, crime is out of control, what would you say to South Africans? What hope do we have?”

Moeng responds saying he believes there is hope for the country, however people need to unite.

“It’s difficult to start marching towards solutions when we remain divided, whether it is on the race basis or another basis. We keep saying ‘we the people of South Africa’ which is true but we need to unite,” he said.

He continued saying people need to agree on what the principles should be that hold us together in our beautiful but sometimes problematic diversity.

“South Africans need to unite. Nobody can save South Africa except South Africans. And 2024 is crucial. South Africans have to watch the Independent Electoral Commission (ICE) because they are not independent, the ANC controls them.”

“We have young people who grow up in a normalised abnormality where things don’t work. Those kinds of people are easy to manipulate by the ANC, you just give them peanuts R350 every month and they think that’s great. They then believe if the ANC is voted out of power they won’t get that anymore.”

“I believe we can still make South Africa work, but not under the ANC,” he said.

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