House robber posing as buyer of second-hand solar battery killed in shootout with police

Solar panels. Picture: Pixabay

Solar panels. Picture: Pixabay

Published Apr 18, 2024


A robber, posing as a client interested in buying a second-hand solar power battery, was killed in a shootout with cops in the Eastern Cape.

The suspect and two of his accomplices arrived at a home in Phyllis Street, Mount Pleasant, after posing as buyers of a second-hand solar power battery.

Just after 5pm, the home owner (victim) opened the gate for the trio.

“He was gun pointed and ordered into the house after taking his house keys,” said police spokesperson Captain Andre Beetge.

“They took him into one of the bedrooms and tied him up with his shoe laces. The house was ransacked.

“One of the suspects then pressed the remote on the key chain which resulted in the activation of the panic alarm. The suspects then panicked and fled from the house.”

Police said a security response vehicle, as well as several police vehicles, responded to the panic alarm.

“One suspect was apprehended by the security response members while police chased the other two suspects.

“One of the suspects pointed a firearm at one of the police members, and was subsequently shot dead.

“In his possession a replica 9mm pistol was found as well as some of the stolen property taken in the robbery.”

Police said the third suspect attempted to evade arrest by hiding in the yard of a nearby house in Athlone Street, but was found and arrested by SAPS K9 unit members.

“In his possession two firearms were found. One of the firearms was taken during the house robbery, and the other firearm’s serial number was removed.”

Beetge said cases of house robbery, pointing of firearm, and an inquest were opened for investigation.

“More charges could be added at a later stage.”

Police said the deceased suspect has not been identified yet, while the two arrested suspects, aged 30 and 31 years old, remain in custody and will appear in court soon.

About two weeks ago, two brothers were killed in the Eastern Cape after they responded to an advert on Facebook Marketplace to purchase a tv set.

The brothers were shot dead and robbed.

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