Missing Joshlin Smith: Case postponed as authorities to wrap up probe in two months

Joshlin Smith has been missing since Monday, February 19. Picture: Supplied

Joshlin Smith has been missing since Monday, February 19. Picture: Supplied

Published May 13, 2024


The four people alleged to be responsible for the disappearance of Joshlin Smith from Saldanha Bay are expected to remain behind bars for another two months.

On Monday, Joshlin’s mother, Kelly Smith, her boyfriend, Jacquen ‘Boeta’ Appolis, Stevano van Rhyn, and Lourentia Lombaard appeared in the Vredenburg Magistrate’s Court.

The group faces charges of kidnapping and trafficking in persons for the purpose of exploitation.

Making their way into the dock, the group looked fresh wearing clean clothing. Kelly Smith was also sporting a blow-out and was full of smiles.

Joshlin’s 33-year-old mother, Kelly Smith. Picture: Independent Newspapers

While her co-accused stood with a sombre look on their faces, she seemed quite upbeat as she looked around to the gallery and even exchanged smiles.

The State told the court its investigation remains ongoing and all information being received by police regarding Joshlin is being followed-up.

Jacquen ‘Boeta’ Appolis, boyfriend of Kelly Smith. Picture: Patrick Louw / Independent Newspapers

“I can further confirm forensic reports have been received, as well as cellphone downloads.

“We are in the process of analysing the data. The State requests a further postponement for further investigation,” the prosecutor submitted.

Steveno van Rhyn. Picture: Patrick Louw / Independent Newspapers

The magistrate postponed the matter and made it known to the group that in their next appearance they will also know in which forum (if the matter would go to a higher court or not) the case would be heard.

In attendance at the court, Western Cape MEC for Police Oversight and Community Safety, Reagen Allen reiterated that all information being received pertaining to the matter was being followed-up by police.

Lourentia Lombaard. Picture: Ayanda Ndamane / Independent Newspapers

He also stated that information shared on social media by a politician last week was ‘deeply inaccurate’.

This, after leader of the Patriotic Alliance (PA), Gayton Mckenzie claimed on his Facebook page that another arrest had been made.

“We are wanting to again send a very strong message that the South African Police Service (SAPS) should be the one, together with the State and the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to release any such information.

“I can confirm it was fake news being spread by the politicians in the interest of potentially wanting to remain relevant in this particular case,” Allen said.

He condemned sharing information on social media that has not been verified, as it has a painful effect on not only Joshlin’s family, but her community too.

The suspects are back in the Vredenburg Magistrate’s Court on July 15.

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