Police detective arrested by IPID for allegedly pocketing R500 meant for suspects bail

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Published May 1, 2024


The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) has arrested a Bronkhorspruit Detective Services police officer who allegedly pocketed R500 that was meant for bail.

According to the police watchdog, the 43-year-old police officer had been handed R1,000 for bail by a suspect who was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Instead of writing a receipt for R1,000, the police officer is accused of pocketing the R500, as well as issuing and deposing of a receipt for only R500.

Ipid spokesperson Phaladi Shuping said the incident happened about three weeks ago on April 6.

“It is alleged that the police sergeant attached to Bronkhorspruit Detective Services, was working night shift on Saturday, 06 April 2024, when, during the performance of his duties, he escorted a suspect in a driving under the influence of alcohol case, to the bank, at around 3am, to withdraw money for bail.

“The suspect withdrew R1,000 and gave it to the police sergeant as payment of bail. The police sergeant allegedly wrote R500 as the amount paid for bail, instead of R1,000,” said Shuping.

According to Shuping, the matter was reported to the police watchdog and a case of corruption against the police sergeant was reported to IPID for investigations.

The officer is expected to appear in the Bronkhorspruit Magistrates' Court on Thursday.