Social activist lawyer Tumi Sole takes legal action against woman who previously apologised for accusing him of rape

Social activist Tumi Sole. Picture: X/TumiSole

Social activist Tumi Sole. Picture: X/TumiSole

Published Nov 8, 2023


Social activist lawyer Tumi Sole is set to reopen a 2019 criminal complaint and a defamation damages claim against a woman who accused him of rape four years ago.

This comes after the woman, Albertina Mashiloane, who made the damaging rape claims against Sole on social media four years ago this week, decided to double down on her apology and reignite the claims.

Mashiloane, who uses the alias @MissTinahM on X, formerly known as Twitter, this week repeated claims against Sole, saying she did not apologise over the incident but had merely signed a statement presented by Sole’s lawyers.

She also appeared to wish harm on Sole’s girl children, sparking Sole to react “dragging my kids for clout is definitely where we draw the line”.

— Tumi Sole (@tumisole) November 8, 2023

Sole became a popular figure on social media, using the “Country Duty” hashtag to promote human rights issues and propel a spirit of selflessness in the community. He also runs a running club while being a commercial lawyer professionally.

Mashiloane had claimed in 2019 that Sole had raped her and infected her with HIV during an alleged encounter at a Durban hotel room.

According to a 2019 report by The Citizen, Mashiloane made the allegations against Sole using an anonymous Twitter account called the @HelpSurvivors2, which was setup to expose sexual assault offenders.

“Met in Durban. He was there on business. I liked him yes. He invited me to his hotel room. Had drinks. Forced himself on me. I kept saying no. He was so rough with me. He eventually managed to penetrate me.

“Now im [sic] taking ARVs cause of a selfish self absorbed man. I want him to trend until his wife sees this. And I wish for the same to happen to his children. Mr Country Duty yamasimba [sic],” read the accusation.

In a subsequent apology, which she now denies, she admitted to having made the false and defamatory claims against Sole, and she apologised to him for the damage she may have caused.

On Wednesday, Sole, through his lawyer, Dian Oosthuizen of Van Zyl and Johnson Attorneys, said Sole had obtained a harassment order against Mashiloane.

“Our offices are further in the process of proceeding with the necessary damages suit against Ms Mashiloane and reopened the criminal charges against her,” said Oosthuizen.

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