Trailer manufacturer powers ahead with solar

Solar panels installed on the roof of the Serco factory in Cape Town

Solar panels installed on the roof of the Serco factory in Cape Town

Published Apr 10, 2024


A leading truck and trailer body building company in South Africa is taking proactive steps towards environmental sustainability by using solar power to reduce its carbon footprint.

The company, Serco, has made significant savings on its electricity costs as 67% of their electricity usage in February was supplied by solar energy after a massive investment in alternative energy sources.

Serco chief executive Clinton Holcroft said the company had set a goal of increasing this figure to 75% as part of its goal to achieving sustainable manufacturing practices.

"Investing in solar power across the production facilities in Durban, Johannesburg, and Cape Town, we are not only reducing environmental impact but also setting an example for others in the industry,” said Holcroft.

In addition to solar power, Serco has a pointed focus on other greening developments such as recycling paper and plastic and rainwater harvesting. demonstrates their commitment to sustainability.

The company also has award-winning Protec Steel Frostliner refrigerated vehicles, which boast improved thermal efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.

This is particularly important in light of recent heat-waves, underscoring the significance of efficient temperature control in transportation.

“We still have some work to do to reach the 75% mark, but we have made really good progress with that priority which we set for ourselves.

“This has included replacing high energy machinery with more efficient equipment, upgrading factory and office lighting to LED lights, and optimising the solar panels at our factories. It’s really an ongoing process,” he said.