Free health and wellness programme for Mitchells Plain

Services are being offered this Saturday at the Masjid Al-Khair in Weltevreden in Mitchells Plain. Picture: Supplied

Services are being offered this Saturday at the Masjid Al-Khair in Weltevreden in Mitchells Plain. Picture: Supplied

Published Aug 3, 2023


A local mosque in Cape Town is urging members from the community to make use of a free health and wellness outreach programme this weekend.

Masjid Al-Khair will be having 25 medical specialist rendering services for free on Saturday, August 5.

The services available include blood pressure, and blood glucose screening, the availability of a paediatrician, and dental services like extractions and cleaning. Occupational and speech therapists, optometrists, counselling, and audiologists will also be available.

Speech therapy: any problems with communicating effectively (talking, understanding, remembering, thinking, and reasoning). Feeding and swallowing problems.

Occupational therapy: difficulties with participating in everyday tasks or activities due to physical or mental challenges.

Audiology: looking after the ears and hearing health, can include hearing screening, hearing tests, and ear-wax removals, when available.

Counselling: get advice and recommendations for problems, trauma, and challenges to improve functioning and participation in daily life.

Biokineticist: problems with movement during activities or pain when moving.

Visual screenings / optical health: eye checks, vision screening, eye tests, any problems with eyes.

Natural medicine/ Tibb: consults with natural medicine specialists, alternative medicine with a natural basis, can include cupping, when available.

Lactation consultant: advice and practical tips to assist with breastfeeding the newborn/infant.

“We are pleased to announce and welcome the community to this great opportunity of having free medical services,” Sheikh Riad Fataar, Imam of the mosque said.

Fataar said the project is a collaboration between the Goodwood Islamic Society, Al Azhar Primary School and Masjid Al-Khair.

All residents bringing along their children are urged to bring along their clinic cards.

Members of the public are urged to start arriving at 10am and services will be conducted between 12pm and 5pm.

Masjid Al-Khair is located at 1 Weltevreden Road, Weltevreden Valley.

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