Residents of Cosmo City hope for improved services



Published May 29, 2024


It was an electric atmosphere as the residents of Cosmo City in the north of Joburg beamed with excitement, queuing at the voting station to cast their votes and anticipating positive transformation in their area.

People of all ages, from the elderly to the youth, heeded to the call to vote and flooded the multi-purpose centre to participate in the 2024 elections.

Residents told IOL News that they woke up in the early morning and made their way to the community centre to vote, hopeful that this action would usher in significant transformation, as they claim to have been let down by the African National Congress (ANC) in the previous years.

One of these residents was Bafana Innocent Dewa, a first-time voter, who enthusiastically expressed his excitement for casting his ballot for the very first time.

Bafana Innocent Dewa, a 24-year-old first-time voter expressed his excitement about participating in this year's elections and marking his party of choice on the ballot paper. Picture: Simon Majadibodu / Independent Newspapers

He said the soaring unemployment rate, escalating crime, inadequate service delivery, and corruption in the country are the factors that prompted him to participate in this year's election and mark his party of choice on the ballot paper.

“I would like to see the party set to lead us to provide free school uniforms as part of the free education system, and hope to see public clinics operating 24 hours a day to enable people to access health care services,” he said.

The 24-year-old voiced his aspirations for reforms within the police force, citing the rampant crime in the county and accusing police for accepting bribes, which he believes contributes to the high crime rates.

“There’s a lot of corruption happening in the police department, such as taking bribes from the criminals who are selling drugs to the young people in our society. They should reshuffle the police force and employ more youth, as many of them are unemployed.”

He also expressed his hope for the creation of more job opportunities for young people facing unemployment challenges.

Sinah Ramalema, 40, beamed with happiness as she cast her vote for the fourth time, expressing hope that her vote would bring about positive outcomes, highlighting the hardships they endured under the leadership of the ruling party, the ANC.

Sinah Ramalema, 40, said that she hopes that her vote would bring about positive outcomes in Cosmo City. Picture: Simon Majadibodu / Independent Newspapers

“We’re struggling a lot with shortage of electricity, as electric cables are being stolen and every time when we call Eskom officials, they demand to be paid. So, I hope my vote will bring changes because we are really struggling,” she told IOL News.

Maria Dimakatso Semata, aged 52, openly expressed to IOL News her strong belief that her vote will bring about change.

Maria Dimakatso Semata, 52, said she has a strong belief that her vote will bring about a new leadership to address the issues they are facing. Picture: Simon Majadibodu / Independent Newspapers

“I am here to cast my vote because I want changes. Our roads are in a bad condition as a result of heavy rainfalls and remain unfixed. Maybe with my vote, the new leadership will address these issues, as we’re suffering a lot with electricity and I hope load shedding will come to an end,” she said.

Semata also voiced her concern about the lack of police presence in the area: ”We want more police officers to patrol day and night to ensure that they tackle crime in our area.”

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