X marks the spot! - Durbanvillers make their mark at Crossway Baptist Church

Durbanville residents waiting to cast their vote at Crossway Baptist Church. Picture: Lethiwe Nhlangothi

Durbanville residents waiting to cast their vote at Crossway Baptist Church. Picture: Lethiwe Nhlangothi

Published May 29, 2024


Despite its peaceful atmosphere, residents of Durbanville were actively engaged in the democratic process by waking up as early as six o’clock in the morning, making a beeline for the voting station located at Crossway Baptist Church.

From local elections to national polls, Durbanville residents take pride in exercising their right and privilege to vote.

When asked about their reasons for voting, many leaned towards changing the future of South Africa and the Western Cape, stating that they are using their vote to express their desire for positive and much-needed change. Others included that they are contributing to the decisions that impact their lives.

South African voters can shape the leadership at national and provincial level of government by being provided with three different ballot papers, including one for independent candidates taking part in the polls.

At Crossway voting station, I had the pleasure of meeting a senior couple who were taking a walk back home after casting their vote. Curious about their experience with the new voting process, I asked them how their experience was in dealing with the three different ballot papers.

In response, the elderly gentleman described their journey through the voting process. He expressed initial concern about the difficulty of managing three separate ballots but was pleasantly surprised by how straightforward it turned out to be. His wife added that the clear instructions provided at the voting station made the experience much easier.

As seasoned voters, they remarked that the separation of ballots allowed them to carefully consider each level of government and make informed decisions. Their positive experience served as a reminder of the importance of accessible voting procedures for citizens of all ages, ensuring that everyone can participate fully in the democratic process.

Even though Durbanville residents were filling up the queues at their respective voting stations, many of them were still seen taking their morning stroll or jog, stating that they plan on casting their vote later during the day when the queues has simmered down.

Despite the hustle and bustle of Election Day, the community maintained its commitment to healthy habits and routines.