Ballers: These are the highest paying professions in SA

They get what you get in three years in three months. Picture: Pexels

They get what you get in three years in three months. Picture: Pexels

Published Nov 6, 2023


Jobs are scarce is the country and if you are employed and earn well enough to cover all your basic needs, count your lucky stars.

This is because, obviously, millions of South Africans have no work to speak of.

On the other end of the spectrum, however, those who have made certain life choices, were lucky or privileged and positioned yourself in some careers, are among the most well-paid people in the nation.

According to the September CareerJunction Employment Insights report, salaries and wages vary greatly in South Africa.

To determine which professions were bringing in the most money, the job portal analysed jobs with the highest salary offers from September 2022 to September 2023.

The data revealed that the highest paying job sectors are, business and management, information technology, architecture and engineering, marketing and finance.

Here are the top seven types of professions with the highest pay per month:

– Executive management/director

(Business and management) - R91,667 to R125,000.

– Technical/business architecture

(Information technology) - R65,000 to R90,000

– Consulting engineering

(Architecture and engineering) - R43,204 to R70,833

– Mechanical engineering

(Architecture and engineering) - R33,333 to R66,667

– Civil/structural engineering

(Architecture and engineering) - R41,667 to R65,833

– Database design/development/administration - R45,000 to R65,000

– IT project administration/management

(Information technology) - R50,000 to R60,000

Further data shows that the most recruitment in the country occurs in Gauteng 52%, with the Western Cape following with 22%, KwaZulu-Natal with 10% and the other provinces with less activity.