#KaraboMokoena: Accused claims cop asked him for a bribe

Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter

Published Apr 18, 2018


Johannesburg - The man accused of killing Karabo Mokoena, Sandile Mantsoe, has claimed that Captain Bhekisisa Mhlongo tried to bribe him. He also testified that he did not admit to the police officer that he had killed Mokoena.

During proceedings at the South Gauteng High Court on Wednesday, Mantsoe detailed his conversation with Mhlongo.

"We started having a casual conversation in the car and when we got to the police station we went into a room," Mantsoe said.





"At the police station Captain Mhlongo said I see you're a good boy who has everything going for him." 

Defence advocate Victor Simelane asked whether he was informed of his rights.

"No," Mantsoe said.

"While we were in that room he said I can give him something and we can let everything go and he said I will make sure that you don't get in trouble and we will let you go." 

Mantsoe said he told Mhlongo that he didn't know why he was there because he did not kidnap anyone.

"He stepped out the room and when he came back he asked if there was something small I could arrange for him and I said no." 

Mantsoe told the court that he did not admit to killing Mokoena. But, Judge AJ Johnson said his admission to the captain was admissible as evidence. 

"The time that he spent with me he saw that my apartment had a status and where I stay isn't a place where anyone stays. There was thousands of rands where he was searching. It's an upmarket place," Mantsoe said.

"I wasn't initially sure what he was asking me for because I've never been arrested before, I was nervous and confused and he was talking to me nicely and seemed like someone who was trying to assist me." 

Mantsoe told the court that he didn't know why Mhlongo would make up the story of him saying he killed Mokoena and that he didn't remember him writing anything.

Judge AJ Johnson asked Mantsoe whether he removed and disposed of Mokoena's body.

"I did," Mantsoe admitted.

And you knew they were looking for Karabo's body?," Johnson asked.

Yes," Mantsoe responded.

The trial continues

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