Video footage could be key to conviction in #KaraboMokoena murder case

Sandile Mantsoe has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend Karabo Mokoena. Picture: Nokuthula Mbatha/ANA Pictures

Sandile Mantsoe has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend Karabo Mokoena. Picture: Nokuthula Mbatha/ANA Pictures

Published Apr 16, 2018


Johannesburg - Video footage from murder accused Sandile Mantsoe's apartment building in Sandton, Joburg, as well as blood stains under his carpet, could be crucial in proving that he murdered Karabo Mokoena.

This emerged at the High Court in Joburg on Monday when the prosecution's first witness, Stephanie Leong, told the court she was shown CCTV footage from the building's control room where Mokoena was last seen alive.

Leong's footage testimony comes in the wake of gruesome pictures she showed the court of a battered and bruised Mokoena, which was allegedly caused by Mantsoe.

Leong said that she along with Diepkloof, Soweto, police, Mokoena's mother, sister and aunt, as well as a mutual friend, arrived at Mantsoe's building to look for Mokoena in May last year.




This was roughly 12 days after Mokoena had gone missing in late April.

Leong said the building manager took her and the police into the control room, where she was to be shown footage. 

"On the footage, I saw Karabo and the accused going into the lift.

"I never saw Karabo on the footage again, but I saw the accused coming in and out of the building," Leong said, adding that the footage was from the early hours of April 28 last year.

Leong said she then saw Mantsoe coming in with refuse bags with contents in them and exiting with them.

"He came back with a big Pikitup dustbin. He then went with the dustbin to his car. There were two other people at his car, but it was unclear what was happening," Leong testified.

She added that the dustbin was put into the car, which drove off and returned again.

After viewing the footage, Leong added, she called Mantsoe to come to his building.

The accused arrived, where Mokoena's mother allegedly asked him whether he had killed her daughter.

"No Mamzo, I did not kill Karabo," was Manstoe's alleged response, according to Leong.

The police, Mokoena's family and friends then went up to his apartment, where Leong noticed something different about his apartment carpet.

"It was wet. He said he had cleaned the carpet because he was moving, but could not say where to," Leong said.

Blood stains were found under another carpet in his kitchen, Leong added.

She had earlier testified that she and Mokoena had been friends since December 2013.

Mantsoe is facing three charges; namely assault with the intention to do grievous body harm, murder and defeating the ends of justice.

He pleaded not guilty to all three charges, saying Mokoena had committed suicide.

The trial continues.

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