Birthday boy’s record food donation to Animal Welfare Society

SELFLESS: Riley, 10 donated a bakkie load of dog food

SELFLESS: Riley, 10 donated a bakkie load of dog food

Published Sep 27, 2021


A Mitchells Plain boy’s birthday wish came true on Friday when he donated a bakkie load of dog food to the Animal Welfare Society (AWS) in Philippi.

Riley Valentine, who turns 10 today, traded a birthday party to start his Cause for Paws dog food collection project three weeks ago.

Riley volunteers at AWS on Saturdays where he plays with the dogs and takes them out for walks, one at a time.

The aspiring veterinarian says he saw the need for dog food while working at the centre.

CARING: Volunteer Riley Valentine

“Every week, some dogs are still there or some new ones have joined,” he says.

“There are always dogs because they are abandoned or rescued.

“They all need to be fed and because Animal Welfare does a lot for dogs, I wanted to help and make their load lighter by collecting food.”

Riley thanked all the donors for their generous contributions.

“I was so overwhelmed to see the amount of food and other dog stuff donated, I am so glad I made the choice to do this drive, this is the best birthday gift ever,” says the Grade 4 Seaview Primary School pupil.

Riley managed to collect over 30 bags of food ranging from 5kg to 10kg, as well as 30 large cans of dog food, dog leashes, toys, blankets, a dog bed, puppy carrier bags and other smaller accessories.

Since the start of 2020, the AWS has received 2024 hospital in-patients.

AWS spokesperson Allan Perrins commended Riley for his selfless act and said it was the biggest ever donation received from an individual.

“Riley brought a smile to everyone’s faces. This was the most generous donation received from an individual, usually, corporations donate such big amounts.

“It’s even more special because he is the youngest donor and also the youngest volunteer at AWS SA in Philippi, this is really heartwarming coming from someone his age,” said Perrins.