Southern Sun Rosebank roof collapses amid Joburg hail storm

The roof of the Southern Sun Rosebank hotel collapsed amid the Joburg hailstorm. Picture: X/Priya Sonpal

The roof of the Southern Sun Rosebank hotel collapsed amid the Joburg hailstorm. Picture: X/Priya Sonpal

Published Nov 14, 2023


The fierce Joburg hail storm on Monday night caused the roof of the Southern Sun Rosebank hotel to collapse.

Parts of Joburg, including Sandton, Midrand and the inner city were hit with a ferocious hail storm on Monday, causing extensive damage to cars and property.

In Rosebank, the structural collapse of the roof of the hotel was noted in an incident report by the Gauteng Provincial Joint Operations Centre at 9.15pm on Monday night.

“We have received reports of a partial structural collapse at a building in the vicinity of Southern Sun Rosebank.

“We request the public to please keep the area clear for emergency services,” it said.

The SABC News reported on Tuesday that the hotel had to be evacuated after the partial roof collapse.

The Joburg Emergency Management Services spokesperson Robert Mulaudzi said they remained on high alert and there had been no fatalities in the aftermath of the storm.

Motorists have been urged to exercise caution on the road.

Insurer Dialdirect offered general tips to keep in mind during a hailstorm.

At home:

– Gutters should be kept clean and free of debris to channel ice and water away from the roof.

– Outdoor equipment and furniture should be moved undercover, if possible, when a heavy storm is forecast.

– Roof structures should be checked to ensure that they won’t buckle under the weight of the hail in the event of a blocked drainage system.

On the road:

– Don’t park under trees, as there is a risk of falling branches and debris.

– If you are on the road and get caught in a hailstorm, look for cover. This could include a covered car park or a petrol station. Take extreme care when pulling over, put on your hazard lights, and don’t risk your safety or the safety of others by dashing madly for cover. Stay in your car and only leave the safety of your sheltered spot when the storm has passed.

– It is safer not to drive through a storm when visibility is poor, the roads are slick, and there is a risk of aquaplaning through deep pools of water and hail.

– Remember that, with the sudden drop in temperature during a hailstorm, your car’s windows will be more prone to fogging up, hampering visibility, so make sure that your car’s defogger is working properly.

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