CT WHAT’S ON: Teacher-turned-singer, Carletheia belts her heart out live in concert

Singer and Songwriter Carletheia. Picture: FACEBOOK

Singer and Songwriter Carletheia. Picture: FACEBOOK

Published Jun 6, 2024


In the heart of the Cape Flats music scene emerges Carletheia, a dynamic artist whose journey from educator to musical sensation is as inspiring as her soulful voice.

Coming from the culturally rich neighbourhood of Athlone, Carletheia’s roots run deep within South African music.

A former teacher with a passion for nurturing young minds, Carletheia made a pivotal decision two years ago to shift her focus entirely to music.

Her transition from the classroom to centre stage was spurred by a serendipitous encounter with social media.

In a recent interview, she told Primedia: “I just finished my teaching degree and I thought maybe I am going to relax … I didn’t. I decided to do TikTok lives and met amazing people and decided to pursue music from there and take it a little bit more seriously.”

Carletheia's magnetic presence quickly garnered attention on platforms like TikTok, where her live performances drew audiences, and she now has thousands of followers eager to experience her raw talent first-hand.

Despite her humble beginnings, Carletheia’s ascent to prominence in the digital space marked the emergence of a formidable musical force.

The breakthrough came with the release of her debut single, “Attention”, a track penned by Carletheia herself.

Infused with the essence of her South African heritage and Afrobeat and West African tones, the song resonated deeply with listeners, affirming Carletheia’s position as a rising star in the industry.

Recently, Carletheia’s musical journey took a significant turn when Wade Jordan, a seasoned figure in the music industry renowned for discovering viral sensations, recognised her talent.

Jordan, known for his work with Grammy Award-winning artists like PJ Morton, saw in Carletheia a rare blend of authenticity and artistry.

Now, under the mentorship of Jordan and alongside Morton, Carletheia plans to take her musical talents to new heights.

“My ultimate goal would be to be a travelling artist, spreading love, spreading a good message to the world,” she declared with unwavering determination.

Catch Carletheia live at Youngblood this Saturday.

Where: Youngblood Africa.

When: June 8 at 7pm.

Cost: Tickets cost R150 and can be purchased from Quicket.

DreamEATER. Picture: Instagram

DreamEATER is a band of versatile musicians offering an eclectic mix of sounds. From mellow vibes to powerful tracks that’ll have you moving, DreamEATER’s performance promises to be diverse and engaging.

With DreamEATER, there’s something for everyone. Their fusion of old-school vibes with contemporary flair creates a unique experience that’ll leave audiences mesmerised. Don’t miss out – grab your tickets now before they’re gone!

Joining DreamEATER onstage is Stonehouse, a trio influenced by ’60s psych blues rock. Featuring Alex Collett on rhythm guitar, Jared Gordan on lead guitar, and Callula Smith on drums, Stonehouse will deliver an ambient and nostalgic set of originals and covers.

Their repertoire includes the introspective “Shadows of Yesterday”, the groove of “Rhythms of the City”, and the anthemic “Chasing the Stars”.

Their fusion of old-school vibes with contemporary flair creates a unique experience for their audiences.

Where: Selective Live.

When: June 7 at 6pm

Cost: Tickets are R100 can be purchased from Quicket.

Japanese cuisine. Picture: Pexels

Hands-on Japanese cuisine classes

These classes are part of a world cuisine series, offering participants a chance to explore Japanese cooking. Celebrated for its seasonal ingredients, meticulous presentation, and harmonious flavours, Japanese cuisine provides a rich culinary experience.

In a 2.5-hour session, participants work in pairs at cooking stations, either preparing and plating together or making individual main courses and desserts.

Upon arrival, guests are treated to two themed canapés and a non-alcoholic welcome drink. The hands-on main course preparation allows attendees to create dishes from scratch, while the hosts prepare the dessert for guests to plate.

The evening’s menu includes sushi rolls and edamame with sea salt as canapés, a main course of beef ramen with handmade noodles and a soft-boiled egg, and mochi ice cream for dessert.

A selection of Japanese teas, beers, and sake is available at a licensed cash bar.

Hosted by Food Jams CASA, a non-profit organisation, the class is led by the CASA Class of 2024, known for their lively cooking events.

All proceeds support student tuition at the Culinary Academy South Africa, helping future culinary stars on their journey. Join them for an evening of discovery, flavour, and fun in Japanese cuisine.

Where: Soute Studio, Salt River.

When: June 7 at 6.30pm.

Cost: Tickets start from R450 and can be purchased from Quicket.

Led by experienced chefs, this workshop promises to guide participants through crafting hearty and comforting winter soups entirely free from animal products. Picture: Pixabay

Cook The Garden – Hearty Vegan Soups And Stews

As winter approaches, the smell and lus (urge) of warm soups and stews are in the air. While some are already familiar with the comforting embrace of a home-made pot of soup, others are still exploring the various flavours and ingredient one can incorporate in soup making.

Enter the Vegan Winter Soups and Stews Workshop – an inviting opportunity to delve into the world of plant-based culinary delights.

Led by experienced chefs, this workshop promises to guide participants through crafting hearty and comforting winter soups entirely free from animal products.

Attendees can expect to learn innovative techniques, discover unique flavour combinations, and leave with a collection of wholesome recipes to enjoy during the chilly season.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or simply curious about incorporating more plant-based meals into your routine, this workshop offers something for everyone.

Where: Oranjezicht City Farm.

When: June 8 at 12.30pm.

Cost: Tickets start from R350 and can be purchased from Quicket.