Last chance for Durbanites to experience SA's Mystery Ghost Tours

An illustration of Highway Sheila. Picture: Supplied.

An illustration of Highway Sheila. Picture: Supplied.

Published Sep 14, 2023


Durban is in for a spooky weekend.

People from the north and south coast of eThekwini are in for an “info-taining adventure”, as the ever-popular “SA’s Mystery Ghost Tours” bids farewell to Durban his weekend.

In operation since 2001, this is a one of a kind offering in the country and is run by historian, owner and host, Mark Rose-Christie, who is a para-psychologist graduate.

“SA Mystery Ghost Tours” owner and host, Mark Rose-Christie. Picture: Supplied.

The weekend is filled with a range of eerie activities as each tour presents eerie stories, with history and a bit of science and entertainment thrown into the mix to make the journey unforgettable.

Some of the spooky stops include “The Grey Nun” and “The White Lady” of the Addington Hospital and Children's Hospital; Rosey Dry's brothel, where the ghost arises from a gruesome murder of a sailor that happened decades ago; the exotic architecture of the Durban Club (which also serves as a pub stop) with spectres lurking inside; the Playhouse Theatre with its “Phantom”; the Durban City Hall where seances were once held; Durban Boys’ High School with the apparition of a late science teacher; and Durban's most famous “Spook House” on Musgrave Road.

Some of the spooky attractions in the “Mystery Ghost Tours”. Picture: Supplied.

Of course one dare not leave out the famous phantom hitchhiker "Highway Sheila"; the haunted and poltergeist houses of Campbell Road; the Science of the Paranormal (with live demonstrations such as dowsing rods, audience participation and cellphone ghost hunting apps); and the St Thomas historic cemetery, where Durban's most prominent figures are buried, followed by entering the chapel in the graveyard with a thrilling visual effect.

Rose-Christie said: “On a more scientific or para-psychological note, of all the cities in which we've run the ghost tours, Durban remains my favourite for many reasons, one of which is because it was where I became convinced that interactive ghosts indeed existed, even though I always knew that poltergeist phenomena and residual apparitions had sound mechanisms to produce such paranormal phenomena.

“The interactive ghost case occurred in 2006, when I was told by the owner of a house in the charming old Victorian-styled Campbell Road, about a male ghost.

“He sported a pencil moustache, short black hair and steel blue eyes, smoked a pipe, wore a veld hat, and sat in particular lounge chair.

“I was told many more such fine details. But, when I traced previous owners of the house, I was completely dumbfounded when the fourth previous owner gave me the same precise and many fine descriptions, without me prompting him in any way.

“It was the previous owner's uncle who had passed on in the house in the 1950s. This was my first ghost 'case' as such, where I shall never forget my beloved Durban for this incident which changed my life forever, just as the beauty of 'The Garden City' still does to this day.”

SA's Mystery Ghost Tours will continue in other parts of the country but will not be running in Durban after September 16.

Patrons use their own vehicles and are allowed to carry a picnic basket with snacks and refreshments for the journey.

Tickets cost R399 per person via Quicket and the tour starts at 7pm and runs for four hours.

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