Lebo Keswa calls it quits with actress Letoya Makhene following abuse and infidelity allegations

Lebo Keswa and Letoya Makhene in happier times. Picture: Instagram.

Lebo Keswa and Letoya Makhene in happier times. Picture: Instagram.

Published Jun 11, 2024


The marriage of former “Generations” actress and singer, Letoya Makhene, and her wife Lebo Keswa is on the rocks following claims of infidelity and abuse.

The couple who married on December 22, 2020, in a lavish wedding, are calling it quits after Keswa, through a statement, revealed that their “marriage had ended in a toxic relationship”.

Lebo Keswa and Letoya Makhene on their wedding day on December 22, 2020. Picture: Instagram.

The official statement read: “After much thought and consideration, Lebo Keswa has made a difficult decision to separate indefinitely from her ex-wife, Letoya Makhene and her separation goes beyond irreconcilable differences.”

It continued to share that for the sake of both their mental health, livelihood and the well-being of their children, Keswa had decided to dissolve the marriage.

“She made this decision graciously and with gratitude for the time they had spent together.”

The statement confirmed that both parties’ families had been notified and agreed to support the divorce.

Keswa added: “I’ve concluded it’s time to move on and pick up the pieces of what’s left to try to live the most joyful and satisfied life imaginable.”

According to online reports their marriage was allegedly marked by abuse, drugs and infidelity. The reports allege that Makhene burnt Keswa with boiling water, beat her with an ironing board and threw a vase at her in their marital home in Randfontein.

Other reports claim that Makhene destroyed both the homes that the couple lived in by breaking the windows and furniture, and burning the curtains.

However, these claims could not be confirmed.

“Lebo is currently in talks with her attorneys. I can not confirm nor deny the allegations. I have been barred from speaking about it,” said Pearl Mbewe Maake kaNcube of PR company, Wisdom Mobile Marketing Solutions.

Meanwhile social media users took to X to add their comments.

@BabakaSylvester wrote: “She has already been in 2 failed marriages so I knew this marriage wouldn’t work as Letoya she got some crucial mental disorder issues from past relationships. I wish her to seek therapy about her own issues 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽.”

@TheRealSmomoh said: “This celebrity weddings🚮.”

— Hluphizwe Jnr 🍺🤴🏽 Masinga (@TheRealSmomoh) June 10, 2024

@Blaq_Mannequin commented: “Such toxicity.”