New research unveils the most breathtaking film settings of all time

New research has ranked ‘Harry Potter’s’ Hogwarts as the breathtaking film scenery of all time. Picture: Instagram.

New research has ranked ‘Harry Potter’s’ Hogwarts as the breathtaking film scenery of all time. Picture: Instagram.

Published Jun 11, 2024


“Harry Potter’s” Hogwarts is the most visually alluring set in the cinematic world, a new study has found.

The research, conducted by online gambling website CSGO Luck, crowned this iconic setting from the world-renowned fantasy-drama film series as the most mesmerising movie world.

In order to compile the study, the website analysed the most breathtaking film sceneries of all time to identify those that proved to be the most inspiring.

Each film world was awarded a score out of 100, based on the average monthly Google searches. The Google searches analysed included the world name from a movie, paired with terms such as “wallpaper”, “stills” and “aesthetic”.

Meanwhile, the number of times a movie featured in Instagram hashtags and Pinterest posts were also considered as they were ranked by researchers as the most to least aesthetic.

The researchers found that “Harry Potter” achieved an overall score of 97.83 as an iconic setting and also inspired a whopping 8 504 357 Instagram posts and attracted 3 129 Google searches per month on average.

“Hogwarts, with its ancient castle, mysterious corridors and dark academia continues to be a beacon of iconic nostalgia and it reigns supreme for visual appeal,” researchers explained.

In second place was the whimsical world of “Wonderland”, which was based on Lewis Carroll's famous novel.

The film achieved an overall score of 66.8, attracted 4 865 162 Instagram posts and has a monthly Google search volume of 644.

“This world's visual aesthetic is a continuously unfolding kaleidoscope of vibrant colours and dream-like events, which clearly strike a chord with fans,” researchers said.

“Batman’s” Gotham City, notorious for its dark and moody atmosphere, was ranked third with an overall score of 61.4 as well as 966 monthly searches and 1 103 608 Instagram posts.

“Home to the iconic Batman, Gotham is more than just a city; it’s a living, breathing character, depicted vividly across comics, movies and television series,” the researchers added.

‘The Chronicles of Narnia’s’ magical setting also made the list of the most breathtaking film sceneries. Picture: Instagram.

The Chronicles of Narnia’s” setting, which was created by C S Lewis, famed for its allegorical depth, took the fourth spot for the most breathtaking film worlds.

The adventure-fantasy film earned an overall score of 54.4, enchanting fans with its tales of magic, myth, and monarchy.

The movie also has a strong online presence, reflected by 1 042 326 Instagram posts and 700 monthly Google searches.

“It’s likely nostalgia also plays a significant part in its position within the ranking, as with Hogwarts,” said the researchers.

In fifth place was “Zion”, which is the digital world from "The Matrix" movie franchise, which achieved an overall score of 36.17 as well as 261.67 monthly Google searches and 2 142 361 Instagram posts.

“Its dystopian themes and exploration of human resilience captivate enthusiasts of alternate realities.”

Middle Earth from “The Lord of the Rings” movies, Atlantis from “The Lost Empire”, Equestria from “My Little Pony” and Neverland, the fictional world from “Peter Pan”, rounded off the CSGO Luck top nine most breathtaking film alternative realities.

“The study not only unveils the most enchanting fictional settings of our time, but it also offers a deeper understanding of what draws people into these worlds,” researchers explained.

"Each world, from the mystical corridors of Hogwarts to the magical lands of Narnia, serves as a mirror to our own world, reflecting back at us our fears, our hopes and our dreams.

“They allow us to experience great adventures, offer us a way to rethink our narratives and imagine possibilities beyond the constraints of our reality, continuing to captivate and inspire new and existing fans alike."

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