‘Round of Applause Reloaded’ offers theatregoers a thought-provoking look at SA’s political climate

Marianne Thamm. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Marianne Thamm. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Apr 9, 2024


Marianne Thamm returns to The Baxter with “Round of Applause Reloaded” from April 10 to 27.

The show combines conversation and comedy, offering a unique perspective on South Africa’s democracy.

Drawing from her 40-year career as an investigative journalist, columnist, author, satirist and stand-up comedian, Thamm delivers insightful commentary with comedic flair. Following the success of last year’s run, she promises a fresh take on the nation’s political landscape just in time for the 2024 elections.

Seasoned arts critic Diane de Beer praised Thamm’s approach as “performance journalism”, highlighting her ability to engage and inform while entertaining her audience.

Similarly, Jaime Uranovsky, of Broadway World, praised her magnetic stage presence and her adeptness at navigating complex issues with wit and optimism.

“Thamm indeed deserves a round of applause… magnetic stage presence… she had me, and the rest of the audience, in stitches from start to finish… traces current affairs with wit, intelligence, and optimism…

“Her excitement and passion about South Africa are inspiring,” Uranovsky commented.

The idea for “Round of Applause – South Africa Still Standing” came from her being invited to participate in the Spier Talking Heads series in Stellenbosch a few years ago.

Now with “Round of Applause Reloaded”, Thamm offers theatregoers a condensed yet comprehensive journey through South Africa’s recent history, from the spectre of state capture to the resilience of the Constitution.

The show provides updates on the political landscape in the build-up to the upcoming elections and audiences can expect a roller-coaster ride of laughter and insight.

Where: The Baxter Studio

When: From April 10 to 27 at 8pm, with Saturday matinees at 3pm.

Cost: Ticket prices are R150. Book through Webtickets online or at Pick n Pay stores.

"Dude! Wa’s My Phone?“

Remember the iconic film “Dude, Where’s My Car?”

Well, prepare to be transported back in time with Jeremeo Le Cordeur in his latest show.

In a chat with“litnet”, he said "Dude! Wa’s My Phone?“ is a follow-up to the successful “Dude! wa’s my bakkie?”, which follows the character, Dean September.

This time, September finds himself in a similar predicament, albeit with a modern twist – his phone is missing and, suddenly, the world around him seems to lose its coherence.

The ensemble cast include Dean Dorvan Balie, Veronique Jephtas, Lee Roodt, Chenal Kock with a special appearance by #OumaLilly.

What seems like a simple search for a missing phone evolves into something deeper. The production goes beyond mere entertainment; it becomes a platform for Jeremeo and his team to get real about the complex social issues through the lens of the arts.

From the exposure to vast virtual knowledge to the pitfalls of process addiction and the dreaded phenomenon of doom scrolling, the production sheds light on the positive and negative effects of our increasingly digital world as we know it today.

Where: Masambe Theatre – Baxter Theatre Centre

When: April 9 to 12 at 11am.

Cost: Tickets cost R40 and can be purchased from Webtickets.

Alan Committie taking on a serious role in the upcoming production. Picture: INSTAGRAM


The Tony award-winning play, first staged in 1979 and has been performed worldwide, including at the Alhambra Theatre in Joburg in 1981, was also an Oscar-winning movie in 1984.

The play offers suspense, comedy, music and intriguing characters, making it a memorable theatrical experience.

Set in the court of Austrian Emperor Joseph II, the story revolves around Antonio Salieri, an established composer, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a musical genius.

Salieri, driven by jealousy, grapples with Mozart’s unparalleled talent and his own ambition to be a great melodist. Salieri has given himself to God so that he might realise his sole ambition – to be a great melodist.

Alan Committie told Sunday Tribune: “I am thrilled to be playing Salieri in one of the great play texts from the 20th century! Enflamed in parts by passion, rage, jealousy and righteousness, he is a joy to interpret and perform.”

Where: Theatre on Bay, Camps Bay

When: From April 12 to 30 at 7.30pm

Cost: Tickets are priced from R180 to R300 and can be purchased from Webtickets.