TikTok star loses 500k followers after sharing a video of herself arguing with a cashier

Jelly Babie has lost 500k followers on TikTok. Picture: Malwandla Rikhotso.

Jelly Babie has lost 500k followers on TikTok. Picture: Malwandla Rikhotso.

Published Apr 24, 2024


The thing about social media is that it can either make or break you. Many people have used social media to launch their careers, especially in the entertainment industry.

However, the problem starts when you think you’re more important than others, forgetting that you are where you are because of others’ support.

Artist Jelly Babie ate humble pie when her followers (make that ex-followers) reacted to a video she posted a video of herself arguing with a cashier at the supermarket.

In the viral video, which has since been deleted, the Barcadi singer and dancer was overheard telling the cashier that she was nothing.

When Jelly Babie posted the video, she assumed her 600k followers would side with her.

Instead, 500k of them unfollowed her. Within three days, she was left with only 100k followers on her TikTok page, which was a huge blow for the upcoming artist.


@kelebo_ralie Replying to @dolls ♬ original sound - Kelebo

Uploading that video unprovoked was a dumb move because of how she sabotaged herself.

Now, she has become a laughing stock because she dropped out of school in Grade 11 to focus on her music career and, before it even took off, she has ruined things for herself.

“Damn, bro! She ruined her brand. This is a clear reminder that no matter how successful or rich you become, always humble yourself. God gives and he takes,” commented @KaizerBeatZ_.

As if losing followers weren’t enough, she also lost her ambassador partnership with P Squared Beauty Palour.

“In light of recent events involving Jelly Babie, we have made the decision to end our partnership with her, as her behaviour does not align with our values, ” read a statement from the brand.

“P-Squared Beauty Palour is a women-owned and women-empowered salon, and we take pride in our commitment to promoting kindness, respect, and dignity for all. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours and hope that she will be dedicated to promoting respect and kindness in all her future projects.”

Manager of Big Save, the supermarket where the incident took place, has also released a statement showing their support for the employee should she wish to take legal action against Babie.

“We acknowledge that the staff member’s rights and privacy have been violated, and we will be guiding her appropriately in line with the Popia (Protection of Personal Information Act), as she was filmed without consent.

“We stand by her in determining the appropriate course of action in response to this breach.”


Jelly Babie could not be reached for comment.