Tony Forbes misses AKA: ‘So many things don’t have meaning anymore’

Late rapper AKA with his father, Tony Forbes. Picture: Instagram

Late rapper AKA with his father, Tony Forbes. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 26, 2024


February 10 marked the one-year death anniversary of the iconic rapper, Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, who was shot and killed outside the Wish Restaurant in Durban.

Since AKA’s untimely passing, his grieving father, Tony Forbes, has been vocal about the void that it has left in his life.

This month has brought back countless memories for the socialite who says so many things in his life don’t have “meaning anymore”.

Taking to Instagram, Tony posted a picture of himself, his ex-wife Lynn Forbes, AKA’s rapper girlfriend Nadia Nakai and other family members.

In the caption, he shared how difficult the past two weeks of the month have been for him.

“These last two weeks were harder than I thought it would be, no matter that I have relived it over and over in the last 12 months,” he said.

“As I write this, I am sitting in my car outside my gate waiting for the white butterfly … I just saw it, it’s my ritual of asking him to show me he is with me.”

“But it is harder than ever now, so many things don’t have meaning anymore.”

AKA’s fans took offered messages of encouragement to Tony.

Others wrote about how they want AKA’s murder to be solved and for justice to be served.

“Big love and healing prayers to you uncle T ❤️ grieving has so many stages; be kind to yourself. We love you,” said @love_always_tracey.

“Stay strong papa Forbes these weeks will never be easy for the rest of your lives but trust and believe he’s always with u and your entire family, He got u all❤️, Long Live the Goat 🐐,” said @eldxnero.

“May that butterfly continue to show up in times when the meaning has no meaning. May the heavens hug you all as a family, his parents and as a Megacy.

“May his memory continue to hold you all to eternity. He may have left in flesh, I promise you not in spirit,” said @ms_honey.rsa.

“Awww so sorry Tony, Lynn and the rest of the Forbes family 😔 . What might give you a little bit of closure is JUSTICE, there is a whole CCTV of that tragic night, of the murderous and accomplices, why have @sapoliceservice_za not arrested anyone a year later.

“AKA is an ICON, he deserves better for the country he loved so much. Praying 🙏🏾 for you always,” said @chipotaks.