2024 fragrance trends to look out for

Sustainable fragrances are very much in this year. Picture: Supplied.

Sustainable fragrances are very much in this year. Picture: Supplied.

Published Apr 9, 2024


Having a good scent is non-negotiable. When you step out, you have to make sure that your presence is felt through not only the outfit you wear but your scent too.

And much like fashion, fragrances have trends. Zaweer Ebrahim, of Playboy, anticipates the top five trends for 2024:

Unisex fragrances

This year, the perfume world is evolving. Instead of sticking to traditional ideas of scents for men or women, there’s a rising trend towards fragrances that appeal to a broader audience.

It’s all about creating fragrances that break free from old stereotypes and allow individuals to express themselves freely.


The fashion and beauty industry is moving towards sustainability, so it would be silly if fragrances were not part of it.

Eco-friendly perfumes that are made from sustainable ingredients and recyclable packaging are the in thing. Remember, it’s not just about you smelling amazing, it’s about saving the planet, too.

Personalised fragrance

Fragrance is usually sentimental, and it’s about time brands offer personalised services to their clients. I mean, everyone can wear the same perfume, but perhaps adding a zest of a different note to the perfume will create that unique scent for the user.

Keep it simple

Your fragrance is not supposed to give people headaches or make them cough. Something inviting but subtle is more than enough.

Mindful fragrances

You smell good but how do you feel? Opt for fragrances that lift your mood, something that will make you feel like a winner even when things are going south.