Embracing the real essence of motherhood beyond social media's perfect facade

Embracing the real essence of motherhood beyond social media's perfect facade. Picture: Supplied

Embracing the real essence of motherhood beyond social media's perfect facade. Picture: Supplied

Published May 10, 2024


As Mother's Day fever kicks in, the loving battle to show off how much we adore our moms and the motherly figures in our lives will soon flood our social media feeds with heart-warming hashtags and thoughtfully chosen gifts.

Amidst this beautiful chaos, Vital Baby has a gentle reminder for all the mothers and daughters out there: The essence of motherhood, ingrained in love, nurturing, happiness, faith and boundless sacrifice, transcends the veneer of perfection often peddled online.

When we think of motherhood, words like unconditional love and endless sacrifice naturally come to mind.

Yet, in today's world, where the quest for perfection is constant and polished images are the norm, motherhood has also been caught in this whirlwind. The essence of being a mom is now, more than ever, intertwined with the pressures of appearing perfect.

The climb of social media has painted an unrealistic picture of what it means to be a mother. It presents a world where everything is just perfect – from the children and their behaviours to those picture-perfect cupcakes in a kitchen that's never seen a mess. We're shown family outings planned with military precision and homes that could be straight out of a Pinterest board.

This bombardment of perfection can skew our perception of reality, making us believe that motherhood is only about those impeccable moments and that anything short of that is less than satisfactory.

Moms, it's time to take back the story and show off what motherhood . Picture: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

The comparison trap on social media is real and can be incredibly detrimental. We must remember that for every picture-perfect post, there are countless unseen moments of chaos, doubt, and the messiness of real life.

These moments do not make one less of a parent; they make one human. Acknowledging that no one has it all figured out can be liberating and a step toward genuine connection and support among mothers.

Sr Londe who hosts  Instagram Lives creates an online community for moms to share and connect advocates for a shift in perspective — to celebrate the perfections and imperfections of motherhood alike.

It's about embracing the reality of being a mom, which includes acknowledging the pressures and challenges without letting them diminish the joy and fulfilment that motherhood brings.

Let's face it, the push to keep up a flawless online image is tough on everyone, but for moms, it hits differently. Their bond with their children is unique and fragile.

Chasing after the perfect family photo for the ‘gram can sadly overshadow what's real – playing, laughing, and just being together. When the focus shifts to how things look rather than how they feel, moms and kids can end up feeling distant and bummed out, trying to live up to a fantasy world.

According to Vital Baby’s Sr Londe, the key to dodging the comparison game is all about keeping it real. Moms, it's time to take back the story and show off what motherhood is truly about – yes, that includes the messes and the meltdowns along with the wins and the warm hugs.

No need to spill all the beans about your family's daily ups and downs, but sharing the bits that hit close to home for other moms can be a game-changer. It's a nudge to remind each other that the wild ride of motherhood is a shared journey, and it's okay to not be picture-perfect.

And taking a much-needed digital detox. Take a moment to really look at who you're following and what pops up on your screen. Does it lift you? Make you smile? Teach you something cool? If it's just making you feel less-than, maybe it's time to click unfollow.

“Curate your digital world to be a space of positivity, support, and real talk, not just unattainable perfection. Find your squad online, folks who spread good vibes and understand that being a great mom means being genuine, not flawless.”

“Strike a balance. Don’t be scared to unplug from social media. Schedule breaks from your phone and computer. Set a limit to the amount of time a day you’re online. This helps keep the pressure at bay and forces you to focus on the realness of your own life.”

Motherhood is more like a continuous journey than a fixed destination. From books to learning aids, and social media to podcasts, there's a never-ending list of resources at our disposal, each offering its blueprint for parenting success. However, what truly impacts our lives and our children's futures is the way we take these tools and build something personal and meaningful from them.

Take for example the monthly Vital Baby Instagram Lives hosted by Sr Londe are just one example of how online platforms can serve as a beacon for genuine connection and guidance.

The message here is clear: It's time to let go of the quest for perfection—a concept that, frankly, doesn't exist—and start celebrating the beauty of real, flawed, and wonderful motherhood.

“Remember, it takes a village.”