Nompumelelo Nkosi is a food digital creator that should’ve been on your radar, like, yesterday

Nompumelelo Nkosi. Picture: Supplied

Nompumelelo Nkosi. Picture: Supplied

Published Jun 13, 2024


One of the best things about the internet and social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube is that everyone is welcome to express themselves and be creative - regardless of colour, religion, or sexual orientation.

We are happy to note that in 2024, there are a lot of incredible lesbian digital creators out there - so many that they are no longer hard to find.

These women or women couples are not only providing much-needed representation for a minority group, but they are also crafting high-quality content that all humans can enjoy.

Speaking of high-quality content, it was early last year when I came across Nompumelelo Nkosi’s TikTok account. Nkosi is a food digital creator and self-taught cook who makes cooking look so effortless and fun.

Nompumelelo Nkosi. Picture: Supplied

Stunned by her cleanliness, articulation, and of course her food content, I quickly followed her. What I noticed about her is that she loves the magic of combining ingredients until they become something delicious and nutritious.

She is also focused on making dishes that are quick, cheaper, and easier - a hack that is very much needed by home cooks in this economy.

Born and bred in Umlazi southwest of Durban, Nkosi’s love for cooking comes from her grandmother uMaZulu.

“She raised me and being the only girl I was kind of forced to assist her in the kitchen. I would say that is where my knowledge came from but the love for it is something that developed as I grew older.

“Having stayed with friends outside of home, that is the least I could do - to cook and clean,” she said.

Nkosi’s love for cooking and social media status led her to content creation.

“I have always been social media famous and sometimes by that, you end up being a content creator if you are also a person who loves capturing moments and things. I did not decide but life decided for me.

But all I can say is that I love it here! I love working with food so much. The opportunities, the love from people, the different tastes - God and my ancestors could not have chosen a better place for me,” she said.

“Most of my videos are in real-time. I shoot while I cook, I edit right after that and do a voiceover. Consistency plays a huge role in my life as a content creator because people want content and I have to keep delivering.

“I appreciate the love people show. My brand has evolved in a way that I now have found my niche in the content creation space and when people mention my name they mention food and my videos and that’s what I’ve been missing all these years - alignment,” she added.

Nkosi said her biggest creativity lies not only in the dishes that she makes but also in the voiceovers.

“I didn't even know I had some bars in me but I love that part of editing. This year I’m praying for more brand ambassadorships, long-term partnerships, and cooking more great dishes.

“I just want to grow. I am literally a little girl with a big God and I’m just going to let him play out the movie,” she said.

When she’s not cooking, Nkosi likes being with her friends and family, doing activities, and just hanging out.

She advises aspiring content creators to not give up, but to “get a phone for capturing your content and keep going.”