Passenger trapped mid-flight in bizarre toilet malfunction



Published Jan 30, 2024


In a headline that would make any seasoned traveller cringe, one unfortunate passenger faced the unimaginable during a SpiceJet flight – being trapped in the airplane toilet for nearly the entire journey. Yes, you read right.

“SpiceJet” issued a statement addressing the unintentional seat downgrade, revealing that the passenger was stuck inside the lavatory for about an hour on a 1-hour-and-45-minute night flight from Mumbai to Bengaluru.

"A passenger unfortunately got stuck inside the lavatory for about an hour," SpiceJet confessed, leaving the unnamed flyer with a truly unforgettable flight experience.

The unfortunate incident happened during a 1-hour-and-45-minute night flight from Mumbai to Bengaluru, turning the lavatory into an unexpected holding cell for the passenger, who was originally seated in the much-desired 14D.

Describing the ordeal, the “New York Post” reported that, after using the lavatory, the passenger found the door refusing to budge due to a lock malfunction, prompting efforts from both crew and fellow passengers to free the beleaguered traveller – all in vain.

To ease the tension, the SpiceJet crew slipped a note under the door with a touch of reassurance: "Sir, we tried our best to open the door; however, we could not. Do not panic. We are landing in a few minutes, so please close the commode lid and sit on it and secure yourself. As soon as the main door is open, an engineer will come."

Passenger gets stuck in toilet due to door malfunction on Spicejet Boeing 737. Crew shares the note below.
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Finally touching down in Bengaluru around 3.42am local time, the passenger was freed from the lavatory's grip by a team of eagerly awaited engineers. The airline acknowledging the inconvenience, offered a full refund and a sincere apology.

"Throughout the journey, our crew provided assistance and guidance to the passenger," SpiceJet stated, highlighting their efforts to manage the unexpected turn of events.

This incident proves, that sometimes, even in the air, you can't escape the crappy part’s of life.

One Reddit user wrote: “The same thing happened to me a few months back in one of Delta's A321neos. The door just flat out wouldn't open. It took a flight attendant and a passenger a solid 60 seconds to pry the thing open. I definitely started to panic a bit.”

A pilot also gave his two cents: “I'm an airline pilot. This shit happens all the time. Usually not so bad that someone gets stuck all the way until landing, but I have seen it happen once.

“The only reason this is newsworthy is because the news cycle likes any Boeing news right now. Every other event you have in your list is a lot more significant for the stock price and the company than the shitter breaking.”