WATCH: Content creator shares experience of Arctic polar days and midnight sun

Spitsbergen on the island of Svalbard which is part of Norway. Picture: Unsplash

Spitsbergen on the island of Svalbard which is part of Norway. Picture: Unsplash

Published Jun 11, 2024


Living close to the North Pole has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. For those living in the region like content creator, Cecilia Blomdahl, there are two things to expect: polar night during winter and midnight sun or polar day during summer.

Blomdahl, who lives in Svalbard located north of the Arctic Circle took to social media platform TikTok to share what it’s like living through endless days of sunshine.

@sejsejlija From 9am to Midnight during Polar Day! Endless sunshine! ☀️👀 #svalbard #longyearbyen #polarday ♬ original sound - Cecilia Blomdahl

As Svalbard is located north of the Arctic Circle, it experiences the midnight sun during summer and polar night during winter. At the 74 degrees parallel north, the midnight sun lasts 99 days, and polar night 84 days.

According to Blomdahl, the region is currently in its polar day season which means that they have no night time.

“It looks like day time all the time. And I think this is just so crazy that I need to take you through an entire day. So at 9am in the morning we wake up to beautiful blue skies and its super bright. And as you can see as the day goes by, nothing changes,” said Blomdahl.

The content creator highlighted that from 9am to midnight during polar day, nothing changes, and the sun is still up.

“Now that we are earlier in the season, the sun is lower on the horizon at midnight. It will just get brighter and higher up as we go. Polar day is maybe a little bit tiring but it’s also gorgeous. ”Love it,” said the content creator.

Of course, fascinated by this phenomenon, TikTok-users shared their views on how they rate the experience.

TikTok-user @samsqpxjswo said: “literally my worst nightmare. I HATE the sun.”

Another user @odi1214 said: “I don’t think I can survive this 😭 light all the way.”

@victo.rrhea said: “Do you set timers and alarms for when you should be doing things? How do you regulate your sleep and hours awake?”

While @jwil425 said: “I would forget to fall asleep if it was still light outside 😂.”

And @nicolerae1985 said: “So beautiful! I would love to live there.”