WATCH: Meet the deaf and blind dog making waves on TikTok as the ultimate beach guide

Soldier guiding Airbnb guest to the beach. Picture: SCREENSHOT/TIKTOK

Soldier guiding Airbnb guest to the beach. Picture: SCREENSHOT/TIKTOK

Published Jul 26, 2023


In a recent video making the rounds on TikTok, a traveller named Hannah Brown was enjoying her holiday on the islands of Turks and Caicos when she was greeted by a dog.

The caption says: “When your Airbnb comes with a deaf/blind dog that leads you to the beach every morning.”

The dog, named soldier, is both deaf and blind but resides on the Airbnb property.

While it’s not unusual for Airbnb properties to have dogs around, this four-legged friend was nothing short of extraordinary. He made it his job an honour to lead tourists to the mesmerising beach.

@notalabamahannah We get so scared that Soldier is going to fall off the front walkway every single time #airbnb #vacation ♬ Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison

Despite his inability to see, he held a profound understanding of the beach’s beauty, how amazing is that?

Dogs rely heavily on their sense of smell, and in the absence of sight and hearing, it becomes even more crucial for them. Soldier might have developed an exceptional ability to navigate and explore his surroundings using his keen sense of smell.

Soldier used to roam around the beautiful island of Providenciales before he took the tour guide title.

However, unlike the other dogs on the island who kept wandering around, he felt it was time to find a real home and have a family to love him.

That’s when he stumbled upon the owners of the Airbnb. He liked them so much that he refused to leave their property, hence he still there today. Thankfully, the owners fell head over heels for Soldier too, and they officially adopted him.

“Omg he thinks his job is to escort all the guests to the beach I’m crying I love dogs with jobs,” a viewer commented.

“Every air bnb should come with a dog. This is the best,” wrote another.