WATCH: X users react to video of R40k one bedroom apartment in central London

A building with a rented apartments. Picture: Unsplash

A building with a rented apartments. Picture: Unsplash

Published Jun 14, 2024


Whether in Cape Town or London, a growing number of people are experiencing challenges finding affordable places to stay.

In some cities, apartment spaces are shrinking in size with unaffordable pricing as the going trend. Basically, the more space you require, the more you pay.

Striking a balance between value for money is becoming unattainable and that’s the sentiment from most X users after a video of a one bedroom apartment, with a price tag of over R40 000, went viral.

In the video, a woman content creator, gives a sneak peak of her bachelor pad going for £1 850 (R43 192.02) a month in central London.

The apartment features a tiny bedroom with a single bed and a minuscule bathroom with shower and toilet.

Making light of her predicament, the woman in the video is seen laughing after giving her brief tour and showing the world what her money has afforded her.

X users also shared their views on the video.

@johnson7_nkosi said: “I always tell people not to convert, the conversion will kill You... In London, £1 000 is just that.”

— Peché Africa 🇿🇦 (@pmcafrica) June 13, 2024

Another X user, @nomadandinlove, said: “Looks like Cape Town is headed this way too...”

@Rabs2013 said: “The quality of life is still a lot better here in RSA compared to Europe however not for too long...wait till DA starts ruling tomorrow.”

@JosephKgangayame said: “But I don’t think £1 850 feels like R43000 when you live in London. It probably feels like R1850. What kind of accommodation would you get for R1850 in SA? So converting doesn’t always paint the right picture.”

— The Podium Master (@benzantsi) June 13, 2024

And @benzantsi added: “lol. No wonder the British are busy making our rental prices rocket here in CPT. It’s small change to them.”