Global South Voices: ‘Overcapacity’ in China or fear of China’s rise?

Published Apr 27, 2024


Recently, US politicians and media have sensationalised the concept of "overcapacity" in China, particularly focusing on the expansion of Chinese manufacturing in new sectors like electric vehicles (EVs), lithium-ion batteries, and solar panels.

This narrative suggests that Western anxiety about their competitiveness in these industries is driving them to label China's growing industries as overcapacity to hinder their progress.

What motivations underlie this theory of overcapacity? How can countries in the Global South move away from this protectionist mindset? And why is China's role crucial in these industries?

This is the fourth episode of "Global South Voices" where Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, chairman of Pakistan's Senate Defense Committee; Erik Solheim, former chief of the UN Environment Program and president of the Green Belt and Road Institute; Koh King Kee, president of the Center of New Inclusive Asia; Chen Xi, founder of Harbor Overseas; and Aqdas Afzal, associate professor of Economics at Habib University, share their voices.

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